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Lab adoption fair Last updated 7.12.2012 3:45 PM

Golden Gate Labrador Retriever Rescue (GGLRR) places over 400 Labrador Retrievers each year in the greater Bay Area (424 in 2011)!  See the Recently Adopted section or Happy Ending Stories for examples of Labs we have placed. We typically have between 5-15 rescued Labs available for adoption with several available Labs added/removed each week from the list below.  There are usually more males and yellows/blacks, with a variety of ages from occasionally puppies through adults and seniors. Some in-demand Labs are adopted before they are posted on this website by our pre-approved adopters.  If you are willing to donate, you can join our pre-approved adopter program to receive early email notification about GGLRR Labs before they are posted on the website.  An explanation of the adoption procedure is contained on the how to Adopt page. We also provide a listing of Other Labs available for adoption from individuals or shelters.

New! We have so many adoptable Labs so have split the page listings for the main Golden Gate Bay Area (this page) and a new Carmel/Monterey Labs Available page . Please check out all the Labs Available pages.

Labs Available from GGLRR

CLEO 1 Year old Black Lab/Pointer Mix - Spayed Female 45 - 50 lbs.

Cleo is being surrendered because the family is going through a divorce and losing their home. It was a very hard decision to give her up but they want what is best for Cleo. Cleo is an affectionate 1 year old lab/pointer mix that was adopted by her family at 4 months old. She has always been great with the 2 and 5 year old in the house. She lets them play and cuddle her all day! She is quiet and shy at first but warms up and is very affectionate once she warms up to you. She sleeps through the night on a dog bed in the room without incident. She is a smart girl, housetrained and she knows sit and heel. She has also lived with a cat and has done great, she invites the cat to play with her. She is crate trained and loves car rides! Cleo would make a great addition to any family. Cleo is very healthy, updated on her shots. She should be adopted by a home that will give her the attention, exercise and training a young dog needs. She is located in San Jose.

If you are interested in this active, sweet girl please call GGLRR Lab Rescue Rep, Liz at 415-613-6374.
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Max : 1 Year old Black Lab/Border Collie Mix - Neutered Male 70 lbs.

Max was born a year ago when we rescued his mother a Chocolate lab and the father was a Border Collie / McNab mix. She came to us ready to give birth and she had 9 puppies. We adopted Max out and now the current owner does not have time for Max and needs to fine him a new home.
Max tried to make a program where he would help find malaria mosquitoes but he was not ball crazy enough. He has been with a trainer for six weeks and he will come to his new home well trained.
This is what they have to say about Max:
Max is a wonderful Lab/Border collie who we have raised from a puppy. He has become a real well mannered young adult. Unfortunately we have realized that Max needs a home where he can be given more attention and exercise. He would do well with a young family. Max was crate trained from the beginning and is now fully house broken. He sleeps on his own bed in the family room at night. He will cry to be let outside if he needs to go. He loves to go for long walks and will chase a ball off leash all day long if he were allowed to. Max has been socialized with other dogs since he was 10 weeks of age. Max attended and graduated from Sirius Puppy I and Puppy II training. He also attended Premier Puppy class and the Graduate Class at the Happy Tails to You Dog Training School. Max knows all of his commands which include, sit, down, stand, stay, roll over, go to your mat and most important of all Come. His recall is very good. Max also loves to shake hands. He does well on leash but still uses a gentle leader to control pulling. He will heel with some effort and does well in pedestrian traffic at the shopping center. He is very friendly to other dogs and wants to be friends and play. He does get protective with strangers coming to the door, but will settle once shown there is no threat. Max loves attention and wants to be near his family. He does well in the car and also attends doggie daycare where he is welcome and plays well with the other dogs. Max does not dig, but will chew bushes and tree limbs and an occasional drip sprinkler head if left alone in the yard for too long. He has never chewed any shoes or clothing in our home. Max should go to a home with older kids and a VERY active home. Max is very healthy and updated on all shots and is microchipped. Max is located in Petaluma.

If you are interested in this active boy please call GGLRR Lab Rescue Rep, Liz at 415-613-6374.
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Cooper : 5 year old neutered yellow male Lab 100 lbs

Hi I am Cooper. I am 5 years old and I have been with the same family my entire life. Sadly they are having financial and relationship issues and can't keep me any longer. They moved into an apartment and do not have the time to get me out for exercise. I come from a champion breeding line in Arizona and they tell me my dad is a champion dock diver. Of course I love to swim and fetch the balls in the water. I know a few other commands "sit", "shake", "down" and "fetch". I have not been out on a regular basis so I have a lot of energy to burn off and I should go to a home that will get me out each day for a walk, run, swim or I would love to go to the beach. I do need to lose a few pounds but with more exercise and a little less food this should be easy! I love to play with all dogs and think they are cool. I have not seen any cats but I may chase them as I love to play. I have grown up with kids and would be a great family dog as I always have a smile on my face. I love to go for car rides and can be taken anywhere. I do not jump up to greet people but I do pull on a leash. (A gentle leader can be used to walk me but with a little work I promise I will walk on the leash without pulling.) Even though I have energy I also just love to lie around with my people inside by their side. I can be left alone in the home and I will leave the house the way you left it. I have not been left in the yard much as I grew up in Arizona and it was way too hot to leave me outside. I am very healthy, updated on my shots, microchipped and my family tell me my hips are sound. I am located in Petaluma.

If you are interested in adopting this beautiful boy, please call Rescue Rep Allison @ (415) 806-2490.
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MICA : 9 month old, spayed female mix, 46 pounds
Her owners came to Lab Rescue as they got Mica from a friend but have small children and don't have enough time to work with a puppy.

We have Mica in a foster home and this is what the foster family have to say about Mica:

Mica is a very sweet girl and you will melt with her beautiful eyes and sweet face. We have two older dogs at our home and she had been very respectful of them. When she tries to steal their bones or toys they will growl at her and she will keep her distance. She has puppy energy but it is not crazy energy; she will calm down as she just wants to be with her people / pack. She loves to take a nap curled up by your feet or side and is very content. (Of course a tired dog is a good dog. We take her out for a good 1 hour walk, run or beach play each day.) She loves to play with other dogs but she will nip at them when she runs alongside them for attention. When a dog corrects her to tell her "no" she does listen and she will stop. She has been around 100 plus dogs in different play groups and has had no issues with any of the other dogs. (She may greet another dog with excitement but we are working on the proper way to say hello so other dogs will not get the wrong message.) Once she gets to know them she is their BFF. She came to us not housetrained and not exposed to much. We have her crate trained and she sleeps through the night and does not make a peep until morning. We do not let her have free access to the home at this time but she has started to go outside to potty if we have the door open. We take her out on a regular basis and she is well on the way to being housetrained. Mica comes to work with the foster mom and she loves to go for car rides. She will sit and look out the window or lay down and take a nap. (She has been in the back seat or she has been transported in a crate.) If the foster needs to leave Mica in the car she will curl up and take a nap. The foster mom works in the city so she has been exposed to many new things and many new people. She is picking up quickly and learning that new things are a good thing. Mica is a very smart girl, she is very food motivated and loves to learn new things. She knows "sit "and will take a treats gently from your hand. She has started to walk with a gentle leader and she will no longer pull when she sees another dog. The foster mom can walk her off leash on their hikes and she will roam around but she will come back each time when called. (She will sit and wait for her reward for coming - her treat!) Mica has been to the beach and of course loves to swim and play fetch but she will get distracted and may not always bring it back to you. The foster mom lives on a quiet street with many dogs, kids and people and Mica loves them all. She may bark on occasion when she hears strangers outside but when you tell her ok she will quiet down. If the foster mom has needed to leave her at home she has been crated and she is fine being left with no anxiety. She is still a puppy and may chew on non dog items. Mica has lived with a 4 year old child so should be fine with children 5 and up. (She still can be a little mouthy.) Lab Rescue would like her in a home where the owners will have the time and energy to devote to training her so she'll be a good canine "citizen". Mica has been spayed, has all her shots and is microchipped. She should not be larger than 50 pounds. She is located in Novato.

If you are interested in this sweet active girl, please call or text Lab Rescue Rep Allison at 415-806-2490.
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APOLLO : 7 years old, neutered male chocolate Lab 90 lbs

Apollo and his littermate grew up together on a ranch-like property, where in the past few years, because of his owner's health issues, they had been outside-only dogs. With only one another for company and stimulation, both dogs gained some extra pounds and lacked the exercise, structure and leadership essential to well-balanced Labs. When their owner had to move to a care facility, the family asked Lab Rescue to find them a new home. We met two sweet (as candy) dogs, eager to visit, but very gentle and respectful in their approaches. Within minutes of meeting, each dog cheerfully rolled over for tummy rubs, and were glad to go on an outing to a nearby park, where they walked great on the leash, and were mostly indifferent to the big and small dogs and waterfowl they met. They were adopted by a wonderful couple who live on a large property in the country, and it seemed like an ideal fit as it was similar to their accustomed environment, with the difference that they would now be part of a loving family. Their new parents were thrilled to have such well-mannered, easy-going dogs that were perfectly house-trained and had none of the bad habits that can sometimes need attention when adopting a rescued dog. On a month-long camping trip, they were perfectly behaved with everyone; dogs, large and small, and other campers. Apollo rides beautifully in the car, does not dig, chew, bark or jump up on people. He is is fine with cats, chickens, and even waded in a koi pond without disturbing the fish. Unfortunately, Apollo was tempted to re-visit the occasional roaming ways of his former home, and his new family felt that he would do best in a home that does not feature wide open space. Apollo is an wonderfully affectionate boy, great with kids, and happy to take long walks with his people (no marathoners need apply), and then just keep you company. He gets along beautifully with his Foster's male Lab, and is fine left alone in the house for a few hours. We can't say enough about this wonderful boy, who is the ideal family dog. With regular exercise and carefully monitored feeding, our vet feels he will lose the weight he should to be fit and comfortable without the help of the low dosage of NSAID medication he is taking currently. Apollo is healthy apart from some arthritis, typical in mature Labs, is up to date on vaccinations and microchipped.

If you think you might be a good fit for Apollo,, please call or text GGLRR Rep., Kathleen, at (415) 706-5868.
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Apollo : 6 1/2 YEAR OLD, Black Neutered Male 80 Pounds

Rocky & Apollo are brothers. They have with each other since they were six weeks old. They owner purchased them from a breeder in Manteca and they have been very loyal, loving companions. He is having financial problems and is losing his home and is not sure where he will have to go and wants to work on finding his two dogs a loving home. The owner feels they would be better adopted separately. They can be a handful together.

Apollo is the more active of the two. He has been well socialized with other dogs and he gets out each weekend to play. He loves to go backpacking and hiking on the weekends. He does not like to swim, loves to go for car rides and knows the same commands as his brother - sit, down, shake, sit and he also needs a refresher on walking on leash. Apollo does need some help with jumping up as he gets very excited to meet new people and wants to make sure you give him some attention. Even though Apollo is the more outgoing of the two he is more dependent on his brother. He will start running around looking for him. He does not like fireworks. Apollo loves, loves attention! Apollo is an inside dogs, housetrained and is very healthy dogs. He is located in Antioch.

If you are interested in adopting this beautiful boy, please call GGLRR Lab Rescue Rep, Liz 415-613-6374.
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Rocky : 6 1/2 YEAR OLD, Chocolate / Red Neutered Male 80 Pounds

Rocky & Apollo are brothers. They have with each other since they were six weeks old. They owner purchased them from a breeder in Manteca and they have been very loyal, loving companions. He is having financial problems and is losing his home and is not sure where he will have to go and wants to work on finding his two dogs a loving home. The owner feels they are best if they are split up as together they can be a handful for an adopter.

Rocky is the more mellow of the two dogs. He had been well socialized and loves to play with other dogs. He is shy at first and will keep a distance but when he sees that the dogs are fun to play with he will jump right in. He will chase cats as he thinks it is a game but he does not try to catch them or hurt them. He needs a refresher on leash walking as he will pull at first but will settle into the walk. He knows sit, down, stay, loves to go for car rides and can swim for hours. He does not like fireworks and if you feed him any bones he will swallow them without chewing. Of course he loves to play ball but he loves to go backpacking and hiking. He has been around children and would be fine in a home with kids. Rocky is an inside dog, housetrained and is a very healthy dog. He is located in Antioch. If you are interested in adopting this beautiful boy, please call GGLRR Lab Rescue Rep, Liz 415-613-6374.
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Chili : 12 year old neutered male chocolate Lab 90 lbs

Chili's owner needs to give him up for adoption as he feels Chili needs more room and a yard. He is crated while the owner is at work during the day.

We have had Chili in a foster home for a month now and this is what the foster has to say about him:

"Chili joined my chocolate male Lab and me a few weeks ago, and he has been a delightful guest. As an older gentleman, Chili no longer runs like the wind, but enjoys our leisurely walks, occasionally stretching his legs with a spell of trotting. He is great on or off-leash, and if he wanders off too far, he will check to see where you are and return. He'll also come when you call him, but you've got to speak up, sort of like you do with Gramps, when he cups his ear and says "Say again!". He is not a barker, sleeps through the night on his bed on the floor next to mine, and when not out on walks, enjoys the long snoozes all Seniors have earned after a lifetime of loyal companionship to their people. And Chili loves his people. He might have hankered after a yard in the past, but now, he's just happy to be where you are. I'd like to see Chili happily living out his days in a home that is as kind, gentle and easy-going as he is. This is not a guy for a busy household with youngsters rushing around. Got an easy chair and soft cushion on the floor nearby? Chili's your man. He's just a real sweet old dog!" He has a pep in his step from all the regular walks and has shed a few pounds. He loves to greet all the new people and dogs on are daily walks with a smile and a wag. He has had no accidents in the home and can be left alone and you will find your home the same as you left it. Chili deserves a great home as he is a great dog."

This is what the owner has to say about Chili:

Chili is a mature, male chocolate lab. He was purchased through a breeder and we have owned him since he was 8 weeks old. He has lived with me in an apartment for 3 years, but really needs to be in a home with a yard. Chili loves being outside, rolling in the grass and laying in the sun. Chili has a great coat, chunky body and beautiful yellow eyes. He was raised with children from the ages of 4 to 16 and does well with all ages of children. He is extremely friendly, wagging his whole body with excitement. He rides well in the car. Chili walks very well on a leash, but can pull sometimes when he gets excited. He comes when called and knows sit, heel and down. He is very playful and loving with both dogs and people. He shows no aggression of any kind to dogs, food or people. He is a cruiser, who loves to stop and smell the roses. Chili absolutely loves to be petted and his coat brushed. He loves to play ball and swim and he is house trained- when he needs to go out, he will bark and let you know.

Chili is very healthy, updated on his shots and microchipped. He was just into the Vet for a complete well check and got a clean bill of health. Chili is located in Livermore.

If you are interested in adopting this sweet guy, please call GGLRR Lab Rescue Rep, Liz 415-613-6374.
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Adoption Pending (no new calls being accepted on these Labs)

GGLRR wants to make sure people have the latest status about Labs they may have seen on our website so have a category called "adoption pending" which is just like home sales pending, e.g. no new offers being accepted but still working through the details with the expection that it will close successfully. Most of the time, our "adoption pending" turns into "adopted", so will only accept calls in the rare case when a Lab is moved back to "available".

So why would a Lab adoption be "pending"? When GGLRR places a Lab in a home, we want to make sure it's a great match! Thus, we have a trial period to find out whether all is well with cats and other pets welcoming the new family member. Usually in just a day or two, the adopter knows it's clearly going to work out, but we take the time to be sure. We also move Labs to "Pending" when we've received so many calls about a particular Lab (especially puppies!) that the Rep knows that one of the callers will be a match and doesn't want to get other people's hopes up by accepting more calls.

Duke : 2 yr old neutered chocolate male lab 60 lbs

Duke was found wondering the fields in Vacaville, and as luck would have it his “guardian angel” was jogging in that area. Duke walked right up to him with a look of “please help me.” His guardian angel took him home, cleaned him up, posted pictures and took him to the vet to see if he was micro chipped and he was not. Lab Rescue was then called to help find this wonderful boy a home. Duke is a very nice and gentle guy; he knows sit and takes treats very gently. They have had him around children and he is perfectly fine with them. He gets along well with other dogs and has been ok with cats. Duke rides perfect in the car, settles right down to enjoy the scenery or take a little nap. He waited nicely to have a leash put on when the door was open and then jumped out when told OK. He does pull on leash a little, but with consistent walks and training he will be a joy. Duke is housetrained and has been sleeping inside. He will need a family that is dedicated to continue his training and give him lots of love. He is still a young boy, so we would like to see him go to a home where someone is at home at least part of the day. Duke is healthy, up to date on his shots and is micro chipped and located in Petaluma.

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Annie : 8 year old spayed female black Lab mix approx. 60 lbs

Annie is a sweet girl who came to Lab Rescue when her owners lost their house and had to move out of state. She had been living (for a short time) in the back yard of their foreclosed house with only a once-a-day visit from her owner's mother. She had been an inside dog with her family and has been enjoying being one with her loving foster mom. Annie is a very loving, friendly girl. When we first met her, she ran right over, smiling, and immediately leaned in for some petting. Everyone who meets her says what a love bug she is. When she was with her family, she was living with 3 other large dogs and two small children. She gets along fine with other dogs (prefers male dogs for some reason) but her real love is being with people. She doesn't jump up so should be fine with children and was wonderful with her foster mom's grandchildren. She also gets along fine with cats. Housebroken and loves to ride in the car, Annie is healthy and active, and her foster mom swears she is 5 or 6 years old. Not really a 'dog park dog', Annie is fine with good walks during the day and doesn't require the extensive exercise that a younger Lab would. Annie is a healthy girl with thick, soft fur and will make a wonderful companion and family dog. She would be fine in a home as the only dog or could live with another male dog. Annie is located in San Jose.

Update from her fosters: "Annie has settled in nicely and is getting along with my dogs and cats. She sleeps all night on a dog bed next to my bed. She loves to play with toys and is good on leash on her daily walks. She very seldom barks. She is quite the lover, lots of kisses. Bonds easily to others. My daughter-in-law, 11 year old granddaughter and 4 year old grandson came for a week and Annie slept in their room. They really loved her. She really is easy to love."
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Luna : 18 month old yellow female spayed 54 pounds

Luna is a lovely girl and a perfect size for a family who doesn't want a large Lab. She still has her puppy-like exuberance at almost 2 years old and will be a wonderful member of an active family. Her owners have to give her up with great reluctance as they are moving and can't find a home that will allow Luna. They have provided her with excellent care in her life thus far. She is spayed, up-to-date on all her shots, microchipped and a graduate of puppy class and two other classes. Luna still pulls a bit on the leash while on walks so she'll need some work on that but is a sweet, smart girl and should be receptive to brushing up on good manners and learning new skills. She is housebroken and crate trained. Luna lives with 3 cats--one of which runs so she'll give chase, one who ignores her and one who plays with her. Her owners are empty-nesters so she hasn't lived with small children but Lab Rescue thinks she would do fine with children 6 and up. Luna rides perfectly in the car and loves to go for walks, runs and swimming. She takes treats gently and is friendly with other dogs while out on regular walks to places like Pt Isabel. Luna does have a manageable, fairly common health condition--she is on mediation for Addison's disease, for which she takes a daily pill and is given a monthly injection by her mom. Additionally she has had surgery on one knee but her vet says she's fully recovered after physical therapy, with no restriction on her activity. She's an active girl and Lab Rescue would like to see her in a home where she'll get consistent exercise and training (and of course, love) to have her continue to be the good canine citizen she is.
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Jake : 10 year old neutered male yellow lab 85 lbs

Jake is a wise, gentle, and affectionate yellow field lab, with a long lean body, thin tail, and the most beautiful honey colored eyes we have ever seen. Jake adopted us through a Northern California Rescue program, and has been the joy of our family for the last 8 years. My family is from a country that does not yet fully understand the value of a canine companion and at first was afraid of such a large dog. With-in a week of adopting Jake, all their fears were erased, as Jake is such a kind, loving dog that has never shown aggression to people, other animals, or food. In this regard, Jake is the perfect dog for people who are afraid of dogs! Jake gets along very well with his house mate, a Chihuahua, who rules the house, as little dogs can do. Jake loves to go outside, and go for walks, and loves to snuggle on the couch with you as you watch tv, or curl up on the bed if you let him. Jake easily sleeps through the night, however he has us trained to give him a small snack in the early mornings if we fall asleep too early. Jake has a nightly ritual that he receives a Kong ball stuffed with small bone shaped cookie treats at 9:00 each evening, and believe me, he knows when it is time for his treat, as he will make sure you know that it is treat time. Jake knows some commands such as sit, out, off, shake, stay and come. Jake comes when called and seems to like to stay close to us, or know that we are around. He loves to go for car rides and he is very easy to walk on the leash. He can be left alone inside or outside and he is not destructive or have any anxiety. We unfortunately are being removed from our rental home due to a foreclosure from the homeowner, and our new home will not take pets. We are confident that Jake will make another family just as happy as he has made us. If you can find room in your heart, and home for Jake, you will not regret it for a moment. Jake currently resides in Livermore. Jake is very healthy and is updated on his shots, just had a well check, teeth cleaning, he has a couple of fatty lumps he had tested and they turned out fine a good bath and a nail trim.
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Molly : 8 Year Old, Yellow Lab, Spayed Female 63 Pounds

Molly is a sweet, mellow 8-year-old female yellow lab. Her family has had her since she was a puppy, but their situation has recently changed, and they want Molly to have a home where she will have someone with her during the day, who can give her the attention she deserves. Molly knows a number of commands - sit, stay, take a bow, walk, come, shake hands, wait, down - and listens well. She is great on a leash, attentive to her humans, and takes treats very gently. Molly is fine with other dogs, but prefers to hang out with people. We don't know how Molly would do with cats, but she is good with children, having been with 2 children since they were born. She is crate trained, and rides well in the car.

With her foster family, Molly has 3 other dogs, both younger and older than she is, to play with. She is equally happy playing or relaxing at your feet. At night she sleeps on her bed in her fosters room. Molly does not counter surf, get on furniture or jump up. She is always happy and her tail is always wagging. She is a self-confident girl, and can hold her own with the other dogs, in a nice and appropriate way. She greets people with a single bark, and then her job is done. When she needs to go out, she lets you know with a single bark.

She does have some stiffness from arthritis in her back end but is being treated with NSAIDs and supplements. She doesn't need a ton of exercise, and is quite happy with short walks. And, she has the most wonderful soft coat, very pettable!

We'd like to see this lovely girl in a home where her people are home most of the day. She would be happy in a home with other dogs, but she'd also be fine as an only dog. Molly is AKC, spayed, microchipped, and is current on all her shots. Molly is located in Saratoga.

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Harley : 2 1/2 years old neutered yellow male Lab, 83 lbs

This is handsome Harley. Harley has become a casualty of a divorce. His owner had to leave her home and was unable to take Harley with her, although she loves him dearly.When we met Harley, he was friendly, although like many young Labs, he jumped up with excitement. After the initial greeting, he was calm. With more regular exercise and training, jumping behavior can be corrected, but because of his size and puppy rambunctiousness, we feel Harley would do best in a home with children who are six or older. When we took him to a local dog park, he did very well. He walked nicely on the lead and though he was curious about the other dogs, did not lunge nor show any signs of aggression. Harley has had some training in the past, and knows sit, stay, go to bed and get out of the kitchen. His Foster has been working with him to refresh and solidify his good behavior, which is going very well, as he is eager to please. He meets and greets other people and dogs appropriately, and his recall is also very good when he is with his Foster on off-leash trail jogs. Harley has nice manners in the home, is house and crate-trained and can be left alone in his crate for a few hours, but he loves going along with you on errands and will wait in the car while you run in and out. He sleeps in his crate in his people's room. Harley would do best in a home where he will get the daily exercise, structure and companionship that he needs. Harley would be a great partner for a runner, power walker, or cyclist; he can easily run/walk five miles daily, and not get even close to tired. He loves to chase the ball and retrieves consistently. Another favorite treat is a visit to the beach, lake or pond for a swim. Harley is a playful, energetic, affectionate boy, ready for fun and games with an active, Lab-savvy family. He rides well in the car and is always happy to jump in and go along for the ride. Harley would do fine with another well-socialized dog, but would be just as happy as an only dog. He is unknown with cats. Harley is healthy, neutered, microchipped and up to date on his shots.
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Henry : 13 yr old neutered male yellow lab 85 lbs

Henry is one of the happiest go lucky senior labs I have ever met, and even though he is deaf it does not stop him from doing a little happy dance when you meet him. Unfortunately, a divorce and moving into an apt Henry's dad cannot provide a home that Henry so deserves. Henry had been living in his family's original home since their divorce and Henry's mom decided she can no longer deal with a dog. Henry is staying with his dad's friend and she lives in a townhouse with a 10x10 patio and that is where he stays during the day. Henry has access to his kennel, which he loves, with the door open. Henry sleeps inside at night on his bed or in his kennel. Henry's dad calls him a loveable giant. He shows no aggression whatsoever around food, toys or other dogs. Henry's dad has said that he has been an only dog all his life and couldn't say how he would react to living with another, but on walks when they greet other dogs he is just fine. Henry is very excited to see cats he may chase them for the fun of it if they run. Henry is wonderful with children of all ages, laying down and rolling over for all the tummy rubs he can get. Henry is house trained, barks very little. He does get excited when someone comes into the home but that is only to greet you with his entire wiggly body. He does not jump up on you to greet, and will settle right down for the visit. Henry gets excited to ride in the car it may take him a few minutes to settle down and enjoy the ride, his previous family crated him in the back of the truck and he rides just fine. Henry does still try to jump up into trucks and cars, but he does need a little help. Henry has been deaf most likely for the last six months. His dad has been working with him on hand signals to communicate with him and in a very short time Henry is doing very well. He said to make him sit he touches his hind quarters, he lowers a flat hand and Henry will go into a down position. Henry does feel the vibrations of an opening door or window. He does not let Henry off leash in an open space, since he would not hear him for recall. Since he has lost his hearing he does pull a little when on walks. His dad has used a correction collar just slightly to get his attention. Henry will then fall into place for a nice leisurely walk which he enjoys, along with a lot of sniffing to check out the neighborhood. Henry has been back with his dad for the past 4 months and he has had him to the vet and had all his shots updated. The vet said that he in great shape for a senior with a small amount of arthritis in his right front leg, with no hip problems. Henry is micro chipped Henry loves to be with people, so he will need someone that can be around most of the day with him. You will need to be willing to continue working with him on hand signals. If you are ready for a big bundle of love and joy, this is the guy for you. He will go to a foster home in Santa Rosa this week.
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Charlie : 7 year old neutered male black lab/golden retriever 80 Pounds

Charlie is a victim of divorce. His parents have owned him for seven years but due to them separating, the husband having to have knee surgery and needing to look for a job - they felt it was best for us to find Charlie a new home. Charlie was an inside dog at night and during the day he would be in the yard and in the garage. He is housetrained and has excellent house manners. He would sleep on his dog bed next to the bed at night and if he was left alone in the home he would just hang out waiting for his guardians to return. He knows several commands and is just wanting to please. He knows sit, down, stay, off, fetch - may not bring it back each time and he walks well on the leash. (When he first starts his walk he is excited and will pull a little but after a few minutes he is just happy to have the attention.) He loves to go for car rides and he will just sit and look out the window or lay down on the seat. He likes to go for walks, hikes and a swim - loved the beach or he is the type of dog that wants to be with people so he would be fine for a nice walk and a nap at your feet. He gets excited about cats so we are not sure he should be in a home with cats but he is great with other dogs. He grew up with kids and just loves all the attention and belly rubs they have to offer. Charlie always has a smile on his face and constantly wags his tail. He is a sensitive dog and we feel he may have been trained with some harsh commands as if he feels like he may be in trouble he will stop smiling. Charlie is a very healthy dog and is ready to find his new home. He is located in Petaluma.
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Daisy : 4 yr old chocolate spayed female, 45 pound

Daisy is a sweet chocolate lab on the smaller side--a great size at 48 pounds-- and perfect for a family who doesn't want a larger Lab. Daisy's "grandparents" contacted Lab Rescue when their daughter, the owner, wasn't able to take Daisy from what was intended as a temporary stay at their house. They love Daisy but have their own large dog as well as another temporary dog staying with them and 3 dogs is just too much. Daisy is friendly and upon greeting a new person gleefully wags not only her tail but her entire back half. Daisy has plenty of energy and loves to go for walks and swim but will also lay quietly at your feet. She is housebroken and crate-trained although can sleep on her own bed next to her owners. She is fine left alone in the house although might play 'treasure-hunter' and steal a sock or slipper-- but won't destroy them. She DOES however know how to open kitchen cabinets and has been known to snack on the contents. She loves to swim and is an active user of the pool at her house. Daisy is really a 'people dog' and we'd like her to be the only dog in the household. She can be cautious with exhuberent dogs so may not be a 'dog park dog'--she prefers getting to know a dog in a quieter, controlled environment. Lab Rescue would like her to go to dog savvy owners who can work with her and a trainer to get started on the right foot and help her feel confident in her new home. She is a beautiful, loving girl who will thrive in her new home. Daisy is located in Concord.
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Pinkie : Born February 3, 2011. Spayed Female Black Lab Mix (Lab and Shar Pei)

Pinkie was adopted by a family when she was seven weeks old from friends of the family. At the time the adopters had four small children, the youngest being only two months old. Pinkie grew up with the children and has been very much loved by the children (now two years to seven). As the baby matured and the work schedules of the parents became more demanding Pinkie was frequently overlooked and not given the attention she deserved. The owners being very responsible and caring dog owners selflessly made the decision to re-home her in spite of the protests of the children. It was a very sad, tearful event for the children to see Pinkie head off to her foster home.

The owners heard about Lab Rescue and thought it would be an opportunity to find a home for Pinkie where she could get the kind of attention and love she deserves because she is such a sweet girl and they wanted more for her.

Pinkie is now in a foster home in the Monterey area. Here's what the foster has to say about her. She is a playful, nice, gentle, respectful dog who has had some basic training and commands. She does like to give you lots of licks and kisses but if you're not into that she responds very well to "off". She loves toys and LOVES to retrieve. She pulls every toy out of the toy basket and brings them to you waiting for you to throw them so she can retrieve them but she's not obnoxious or persistent about that at all. She LOVES other dogs and is extremely respectful about how she plays with dogs, always relinquishing the toy if the other dog wants it, backing down if the other dog challenges her and never confronting the other dog. She walks nicely on an easy walk harness and is friendly with dogs and people along her walks. After only one day in their home the fosters took her off leash in a reasonably secure area and her recall was impeccable. She may, if left unattended, counter surf but only if it's something really yummy and handy.

She is very smart and very well behaved. She knows sit, shake and down and minds REALLY well. She's very obedient and respectful. She's also fine left in the yard when you have to leave her alone. She's housebroken and learned the doggie door in no time.

This is a dog for someone who wants a well behaved, sweet, gets along GREAT with children of all ages (yes, even toddlers), gets along GREAT with other dogs even if she doesn't have the classic Lab looks. But there is no doubt she has the Lab personality.
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Rain : 7 Year Old, Black Lab, Neutered Male, 70 lbs

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Jojo : 7 Year Old, Chocolate Lab, Neutered Male, 70 Pounds

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Vader : 1 Year Old, Black Lab/ Mix, Neutered Male, 50 Pounds

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Sydney : 10 year old neutered male yellow lab/golden retriever 95 lbs

Adopted July 2012! Thanks to Rep Liz, and all who help Lab Rescue.

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Kohl : 9 years old spayed female black Lab 75 lbs

Adopted July 2012! Thanks to Fosters Kaleen and Carter, and all who help Lab Rescue.

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