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ABBY: 1 ½ -year-old Black Female Spayed Labradoodle 95 pounds

Background: Abby’s owner needed to surrender Abby to GGLRR as she was working fulltime and her husband was not able to watch Abby as he had health issues. Thy also have an elderly parent living with them who had tripped over Abby a few times.

What Abby’s foster mom says: Abby has quickly settled into our home life with 2 boys and a young, active lab of our own. She plays well with our lab, eats her meals next to our lab without issue, does the Velcro dog act and follows me around the house, and walked nicely on leash her walks. She loves people, and is a happy dog. She slept all night in her crate and went out to do her business in the morning without issue. She quickly learned to use our pet door to let herself in and out of the house at will and seems bright and enjoyable. She is gentle for her size, but does like lean into her people and to play rough and tumble with our young lab. We do not have cats, and she did eye a cat on our walk, she did not lunge for it – stared and walked on when asked. She did pull hard towards a young dog on our walk - -but in a respectful and playful manner.

What Abby’s Rescue Rep says: Abby is a ½ year old Labradoodle that the owner got from a coworker. Abby was the making of an accident: Coworker has the purebred Lab (Mom and her brother had the F1 Labradoodle (Dad.) She gave GGLRR the paperwork from the parents – Abby ¾ lab and ¼ Poodle. Abby is a very happy girl that loves people, still have puppy energy but not crazy puppy energy. She is a dog that is very willing to please, good with other dogs and loves people. She is great with the owners grandchildren and does not jump up on them. Abby sleeps in her crate with no issues, she walks pretty well on leash but could use a refresher course. Abby knows sit, down, wait, come, fetch, drop, leave it, off and is pretty good at recall. She loves to go for rides in the car and is ok when left alone. Abby loves to go for hikes, loves to swim and a good came of fetch. If not watched Abby will counter surf, chew up her toys and she can be a bit protection over a bone with other dogs. (The foster mom will give Abby a bone only in her crate.)

Medical Information: Abby is a very healthy dog other than she needs to lose a few pounds. She is spayed, up to date on her shots, has taken regular flea and tick and heartworm medication and is microchipped.

Abby is located in: Santa Rosa

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