Bamm & Tess

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Video: Bam likes treats

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Bamm and Tess: 11-year-old Lab siblings 70-lb each Neutered/Spayed

Background: Together since birth, the long-time owner of black female Tess and chocolate male Bamm recently passed away. Both dogs were surrendered to the Nevada Humane Society in Reno, and a co-worker of the owner who passed away pulled them out of the shelter in order to find them a new forever home. After a week in the home of good Samaritan in Manteca, they have joined the GGLRR program.

What Tess’ and Bamm’s Foster says. Bam and Tess are really lovely dogs. They are so easy to be around. They are not demanding and are happy to curl up and nap indoors. They are adapting well to a new routine. They are energetic outside and would be up for lots of adventures (swimming, visiting friends or going for hikes) but are also totally chill indoors. Both are sweet affectionate and very friendly dogs. Both have good indoor manners except for counter-surfing (“baaaad Bamm”). Tess seems a little bit quicker than Bamm, and is the first to seek attention, chase the ball etc. Though both are calm, I would say Bamm is a little calmer. They wake up early and want to start their day. They sleep in my guest room from around 10:00 PM until 5:30 or 6:00 AM. We are working on delaying their wake up an hour or two -- hah! They spend the day lying around if inside and following me around if I am outside gardening. Bamm and Tess take their food well (no guarding) and were easy to bathe. Both dogs have a happy disposition and are very gentle.

What Tess’ and Bamm’s Rescue Rep says. Both Tess and Bamm are incredibly friendly and good natured. They love tennis balls, know a few commands, and are very affectionate. Gotta watch your fingers when giving them treats. Both dogs are house-broken and crate-trained. They get along with other dogs, and allegedly lived with a cat. Tess and Bamm are full of energy and spirit. We want to adopt Bamm and Tess together as we consider them quite bonded after being together for so long.

Medical: Both dogs are in great health, current on vaccinations, microchipped, and spayed/neutered. We will get them to our vet in the near future for a full check-up.

Bamm and Tess are located in: Petaluma.

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