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Banjo: 8-year-old male black Lab 60 pounds neutered

Background: Found as a stray in the central valley, this guy was just the friendliest fellow when we met him at the shelter -- his tail would not stop wagging. He already had a microchip, but the shelter was unable to reach the owner. Can’t believe the owner didn’t come looking for this great dog!

What Banjo’s Foster says: Who says this guy is eight years old? He has the bouncy energy of a 1-year-old, plus his teeth are very white. On walks he pulls like a sled dog, pulling especially hard for squirrels, cats, and other dogs.

He knows how to “sit” on voice command mostly, working on tying that to a hand signal. Goes right into his crate with a treat, is comfortable spending several hours there. A little jealous (growly) when I am showing affection to my own dogs. He still charges doors when they are opened, but he is doing better by learning to sit and waiting to be released. No obvious red flags on our walks - ok with bicycles, runners, curious in a friendly way about passersby, no strong fears or phobias apparent. Likes to play ball, and then shreds tennis balls. Rides very well in a car.

I think he has good potential with owners who have some dog experience, can keep him active, and are up to finish his basic training. He’s very eager to please, very oriented towards people, sweet and rambunctious at the same time, very motivated for food, very trainable. I think the right person would be someone who has had dogs before and experience in training them at a hobby level. He is a real counter surfer and trash can / recycle bin diver, anything left on the counter or in the bin is fair game to Banjo!

What Banjo’s Rescue Rep says: Could Banjo be younger than eight? Sure. Or he could be a young 8 year old dog. Banjo is an awesome dog: sweet, cuddly, food motivated (maybe too much so!), learns quickly. He’s very smart and very active, and a world class counter surfer, so not for the faint of heart! Banjo is currently fostered with 2 other female dogs, and we think he would do fine in a home with another dog, as long as it’s the right dog. Not sure about being with another male dog, he tends to react to them on walks.

The ideal home for Banjo is with an experienced, patient owner who finds training to be a fun and rewarding experience and is committed to giving Banjo the leadership he craves. If there are children in the home they need to be 12 or over and dog savvy; it may take a village to raise Banjo! He is not a good dog for a home with a cat. Banjo would greatly benefit by some obedience and leash-walking training. Be prepared for an active dog with a lot of positive energy.

Medical Information: Banjo is in fine health. Current on vaccinations, heartworm negative, microchipped, and neutered.

Banjo is located in: Santa Clara.

If you are interested in Banjo, please contact Rescue Rep Debbi at (preferred) or 408-309-7830. In your email, please tell me about your experience with dogs and how you would be a good fit for Banjo. Please note our service area: GGLRR serves the greater SF Bay Area.

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