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Video: Bear at play

Video: Bear and the dog pack

Bear: 3-year-old male yellow Lab 80-lbs Not yet neutered

Background: Bear’s family sadly have to rehome him. They live on a 2-acre farm, and raise goats. They also have other animals: two other dogs, chickens, horses, and a young pig (that lives inside their home). Unfortunately, Bear cannot be trusted with the livestock -- he just wants to go after them, in a not-so-good way. Bear’s people work full time and don't have the time to address his prey drive.

What Bear’s owner says: Bear is more of a people dog. Great with the kids, no possessiveness over food or toys. He is fine with our two other dogs: a 14-year-old female pittie and 4-year-old male Jack Russell terrier (who is the boss dog). Bear does try to dominate by putting his head over the shoulders of our other dogs, but that is all that happens. Last August we had to evacuate and house the dogs with friends and their dogs, and Bear did just fine. Bear can jump a 5-foot fence; I had to raise our backyard fence to 6 feet and he can't jump over it now. Bear is housetrained, and sleeps in his crate at night. During the day he hangs with other dogs on the side yard. He does pull on leash. He is a smart dog and will do well with someone that will work with him. Loves, loves to play fetch. Great in the car. We’ve had him since he was 12-weeks-old; we brought him home thinking he would be fine to run around and play on our property -- soon we learned that he wanted to chase and go after the goats and horses.

What Bear’s Rescue Rep says: Bear is a great dog. Young, energetic, strong. Can jump 5-foot fences with ease. Loves fetching the frisbee (apparently his toy of choice). Bear is crated-trained and sleeps in a crate in the laundry room at night. Needs to be in a home with no other non-dog animals. No cats, no chickens, no goats, no horses, no pigs, no llamas, no camels, no hippos. Has been living with a 9-year-old and 11-year-old kids -- and does great with them. Might knock young kids around. Can be a little barky at first with strangers. Nice soft mouth. Zero leash training. Only time he has been leashed up has been for trips to the vet.

Medical: Bear is in superb health, but needs to be neutered and microchipped. We are still collecting into on his vaccinations and heartworm test status.

Bear is currently located in: Vacaville.

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