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Bella: 13-year-old female black Lab 65 pounds spayed

Background: Picked up as a stray, the local shelter was able to track down her owner who declined the opportunity to retrieve her from the shelter. Our hearts go out to these senior dogs that show up at shelters and we found she was an absolute delight when we met her. She passed our evaluation and we pulled her immediately and placed her into one of our foster homes.

What Bella’s foster says: After three weeks, Bella is much more settled and confident. She is sweet and gentle, and a champion snuggler. Well-mannered, if a tiny bit stubborn at times. She's housebroken, but at 13 has an occasional pee accident in her sleep (might be connected to too much exercise). She sleeps most of the day in a bed next to my desk while I work, but is also happy to sit outside watching birds, bees, butterflies and me doing yard work. She wants to be with people always, but is fine being alone, especially now that we've settled into a routine. She pants heavily when exerting herself (on a walk) or is distressed (e.g. needs water, needs to go out). She is more likely to stamp her paws on the ground to get my attention than bark (it's pretty cute). She is the a perfect errand companion and happily hangs out in the car. She tends to slide getting up from hardwood floors (you can easily help her get her back feet underneath her), and her stability on steps is inconsistent. If she really, really wants to go up or down, she'll find a way. She's adjusting to a lift harness/sling and is getting more confident on ramps. She'll do anything for a treat (big surprise). She's great on walks and is always happy to see other people and dogs. She tolerates baths, brushing, dremeling her nails, and having her ears cleaned without any fuss. Sleeps pretty much all through the night (might get up once for water). She's a total love (tolerant of hugs and being smothered with kisses) and a perfect companion while I'm working from home during the shelter in place.

What Bella’s Rescue Rep says: We hope to find Bella a fabulous caring home where she can spend her senior years relaxing and being catered to. Her back legs and hips are pretty darn weak and stiff. She needs help getting up at times, but she loves her walks – doesn’t need to go far but walks are real good for her. Her forever adopter needs to have a home with very few steps or stairs – a lovely deck out in the sun would be wonderful. Not for an active household. She might do great in a home with another older dog – where they can talk to each other about their medical woes and stuff.

Medical Information: Bella is current on Rabies and distemper vax, spayed, heartworm negative, microchipped. She is taking a pain-reliever/anti-inflammatory for the arthritis in her back legs and hips. Our vet believes Bella suffers from laryngeal paralysis which makes it difficult to breathe. She also has a few soft fatty lipomas that do not seem to bother her.

Bella is located in: San Francisco.

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