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BELLA: 4-5 Month-Old Female Yellow Lab Mix, Approximately 40 Lbs, not spayed (GGLRR will coordinate spay with her adopter)

Background: Bella was picked up by her former family from a woman who was giving away a litter of puppies in a Walmart parking lot located in the Central Valley. Immediately drawn to the looks of a cute, little puppy, the family brought Bella home but were very ill-prepared to care for her. Initially, the children enjoyed playing with Bella when they first brought her home, but the novelty soon wore off as she grew and began exhibiting normal puppy behavior (chewing, mouthing, jumping). While dad was at work, Mom was home with three small children and Bella was relegated to the backyard. After three months, they were going to take her to the shelter but the owner's mother stepped in and contacted us. She and her husband initially thought they might be able to keep her, but they're both older and the wife was concerned Bella could get under her husband's feet and potentially knock him over.

What Bella's Foster Says: Bella is a very friendly, sweet puppy that loves attention and cuddles. She loves to fetch just about anything and is very good at playing by herself with her toys. She is very playful and curious about everything. She came to us with a bit of aggression to bigger dogs but after a week of walks around other dogs and several puppy play dates she has adjusted to other dogs of all sizes very well. She is house trained and sleeps through the night on a dog bed in the kitchen. She is able to run alongside me on leash and is good on walks. She loves basketball too! She is a very easy going dog and we can't say enough about her. We would have loved to adopt her but due to a family health issue, we can't at this time.

What Bella’s Rescue Rep says: Bella is your typical puppy - playful, rambunctious, mischievous, jumpy, mouthy, likes to chew. She didn't receive any sort of structure, guidance, or training, and was basically left to run amuck in her first home. No dog, let alone a puppy, should be stuck in the backyard. Upon meeting Bella, she was very friendly, eager for attention, and wanted to play. She rode nicely in the car on her way to meet the foster, although I didn't have her belted in tightly enough and she managed to climb her way over the seat and into the back cargo space at which point I spotted her look of confusion from the rearview mirror.

The best home for Bella is with an adopter who has the experience and time to devote to the proper care of a puppy. A puppy is like a toddler and requires constant supervision and commitment, helping her through puppyhood and possibly even more challenging teenage years. Puppies require time, commitment, energy, and patience. Happily, Bella can live 10 plus years which makes assessing an adopter's future plans that much more important.

Bella will need to be properly socialized with other dogs. In her previous home, while out in the backyard, a neighbor's dog dug through from under the fence and attacked Bella. The previous owner said there were no injuries to Bella as they were able to pull the dog off and move Bella into the house. On leashed walks, she has lunged and barked at other dogs. The foster has introduced her to dogs she knows and with a slow introduction, Bella has been good with them.

Medical information: Bella will be going to the vet for a general exam, vaccines, heartworm test, and to be microchipped. Her future spay will be coordinated through us and will require a spay deposit (in addition to the adoption fee).

Bella is located in: Piedmont

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