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Video: Bella

Bella: Almost 11 year female purebred yellow Lab 60 lbs spayed

Background: Bella was surrendered to the local shelter because her family said they no longer had the time or energy to care for her. The shelter said she seems younger than her age, is very sweet and has great energy for her age.

What Bella's owner says: We have had Bella since she was a puppy. She is very happy around people but can bark at other large dogs, She is energetic, social and friendly with people. Bella is home alone 8-10 hours a day. She is mostly an inside dog and sleeps on her dog bed at night.

Bella's Questions to future adopters: Are you looking for a very sweet dog? Are you looking for a dog that LOVES being with her person(s)? Are you looking to do a lot of daily walking to get back into shape? Are you looking for a young senior dog who’s young at heart and LOVES to go on walks and play fetch throughout the day? Are you looking for a good looking girl to hang out with? Well, you've found her! If you pet me I will give you gentle kisses and will often roll over for a belly rub. Please have a fenced yard as I love it when you throw a toy so I can run it back to you and we tug (grrrr grrrr) and then you throw it again. My mantra: walk, play, sleep, repeat!!

From Bella’s fosters: Bella is sweet, has a mellow demeanor and is well-behaved in the home. She is an alert barker. When the mail carrier or the UPS driver arrives, you will know your mail/package has arrived. Bella doesn’t chew on inappropriate items around the house. That’s the good thing about senior dogs, you know what you’re getting. No big surprises! We try to take her on 2 long 1-2 mile walks on most days. Just get her leash and you’ll see her tail a waggin'. We work from home and Bella hangs out with us but she does get antsy at times throughout the day and lets us know that it's time for a walk even if it's just around the block one or twice. She is then ready to settle down again.

What Bella's Rescue Rep says: Bella is one of the sweetest dogs ever. She LOVES being with her person. She has become bonded to her fosters and will follow her foster dad everywhere. Bella has told you all of her wonderful qualities, yet no dog is perfect. Bella will bark at other dogs, especially large ones, when out on a walk. As we have seen with other dogs, with proper training this can greatly improve. Her new owners must commit to working with a professional trainer from the get go, though it shouldn’t take more than 2-3 sessions to learn the tools to improve this situation. Bella’s Rescue Rep took Bella on a walk and each time we say a dog across the street said “watch me." After responding to the watch me, she received a treat and then we quietly resumed our walk. She is very treat motivated like most Labs so that makes the training easier. The more this is practiced the more it will be ingrained. She is smart and loves to learn. She knows a few tricks like sit, down, shake and stay. Though Bella has not lived with kids, with her sweet disposition we feel she’d be fine with kids 8 and older as long as they are respectful of dogs. Bella is comfortable being an only dog so no dogs or cats in the home please. She is not a dog that should go to dog or hang out with other dogs. She is super sweet and looking to spend her senior years with people who will give her daily consistent walks, belly rubs and lots of TLC that she so deserves. If you are looking for a dog to hang out with, as well as give you plenty of daily exercise then Bella is your girl.

Medical: Bella had a recent vet check. She is healthy, up to date on vaccinations, spayed and heartworm negative.

Bella is located in: San Mateo.

If you have the time and love to give to Bella, it will be reciprocated tenfold, please contact Rescue Rep Sandy @ and tell me why you think your home would be best for Bella.

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