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Video: Bella and her toy

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Bella: 6-Year-Old Female Yellow Lab, Spayed, 90 Pounds

What Bella’s foster says:We were very fortunate to welcome Bella to our home a few weeks ago. Bella is a happy lovely dog that loves being around people. She was instantly comfortable in our home and adjusted quickly to her new setting, including sleeping through the night in her dog bed. Bella is housebroken and not destructive in the home. She is clean and does not go on furniture or beg for food from the dinner table. She loves going on walks and spending time in the yard watching birds and squirrels. Bella’s favorite is to spend time looking out the window and taking naps on the carpet while we work from home. She is very gentle and great around people and children -- no jumping or licking. She loves tennis balls and toys but quickly destroys them (RIP cute dinosaur dog toy). Bella responds to treats and we are currently working on strengthening her understanding of basic commands - this needs some work. She currently has only mastered “sit”. She is great to take in the car and loves going places and sticking her head out the window. She is very curious when she sees other dogs and will often pull on her lease when we come across dogs on walks. This can sometimes be challenging since she is ~90lbs. We are currently working on helping Bella with her separation anxiety. When left alone, Bella gets nervous and will bark -- this is the only time Bella barks.

What Bella's Rescue Rep says: Bella is a spirited middle-aged dog. A smidge overweight, she could lose a few pounds; she has already lost a few pounds at her active foster home. Pulls a little bit on the leash at the start of walks. She needs work on her dog-on-dog socialization skills. She was a bit over-gregarious and in-your-face engaging when she met my dog Diesel. No idea how Bella would be with a cat in the house.

Medical information: Bella is in good health. Spayed, current on Rabies and DHPP vaccinations, heartworm negative, and microchipped. She has no medical issues that we know of.

Bella is located in: Hayward.

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