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BENNY (just turned) 12 year old yellow male Lab 86 lbs (needs to lose 10 lbs) neutered

Background: Benny was adopted from GGLRR nine years ago. He has been a wonderful dog. Due to medical reasons, his owners need to rehome him so Lab Rescue has taken him back into our program.

What Benny's Rescue Rep has to say: Our volunteer who evaluated Benny said that he barked at her at the door (he is an alert barker) and when she approached he just wanted to sniff, get pet, and then rolled over for a belly rub!

Benny is a strong boy and needs to lose weight. Benny’s owner said he gets leash reactive when seeing other dogs. When he went out for a walk without the owner present, he saw a dog across the street, wagged his tail and continued walking. No other reaction.

Benny is housebroken but is not crate trained. He has been left alone in the house many times and is not destructive. He is a dog that wants to be with his people. Benny knows many commands including sit, stay, down, come. He has always been obsessed with a ball and he still likes to chase it, just not constantly as he used to when he was younger. He has never been a counter surfer and he loves going in the car but depending on the height of the car, he sometimes has a difficult time. A dog ramp or stairs would help.

Back legs have arthritis and occasionally fall on the hardwood floors but he’s able to recover really well which is tough on a slippery floor. Rug runners would definitely help. He has trouble with stairs and refused to go up the 2 steps to the front door so we had to bring him in through the garage so please NO stairs inside or out.

Although Benny does well and likes going on walks, his owners have not been able to take him in quite a long time. When he resumes walking again, this will help him lose some weight.

He takes treats well and overall seems like a sweet boy. The owner said he jumps on people but that was not observed during our visit. With a strong leader, he should be just fine. There is no history of any bites or aggression. No cats or other dogs in the home please.

The owner says he tries to hump humans (needs to be corrected), although he did not do that when we evaluated him, so no kids under teenagers in the home please.

Medical: Benny is current on vaccs, chipped and will be going to the Vet for a routine health check, Heartworm test and senior blood panel.

Benny is located in: Dublin.

If you are interested in adopting this deserving sweet boy, please email Sandy at and tell me why he would be a good fit for your home. Please leave your call back number.

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