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Bentley 5 Month Old Lab/Pyrenees Male Mix 55 Pounds

Background: Bentley was found as a stray and taken to Sonoma County Animal Services. They contacted GGLRR to see if we could take him into the program as they are required to neuter before adoption and it would be a few months before they could do that based on staffing.

What Bentley's foster has to say: Bentley is very friendly with everyone he meets. He's just looking for that puppy attention. He has not been able to be with other dogs as he is not fully vaccinated though he looks like he wants to play with other dogs. When it is a smaller dog he will either be submissive or wants to play as well. Due to not being fully vaccinated, he has had very restrictive walks on the block where he is living with the Foster. He does fairly well on a leash other than pulling when he sees a dog or people. He is getting better at not jumping on people, however; he will pull to get to them as in a puppy's world it all revolves around them! He is good in the home in that he is crate trained and housebroken. He sleeps through the night on his dog bed. He is treat motivated and takes them with a soft mouth. Bentley will put a shoe or item in his mouth if given the opportunity and will take two or three bites and then leave it somewhere. Like all puppies, he needs to have appropriate chew toys and be monitored so he doesn't get into inappropriate items. Bentley's learned commands consist of sit, down and kennel.

What Bentley’s Rescue Rep says: Bentley is an adorable tall and lean puppy who will sooner than later be a great big puppy reaching well over 100 lbs. He is not for the faint of heart or anyone who is not able to train and manage a dog of this size. He is an alert barker. Bentley does well riding in the car. He likes playing with toys. He sleeps through the night on his dog bed. We do not know if he likes to swim. Because of his full grown weight, any kids in the home should be 7 and up and not have any fear of dogs of this size. No cats or small dogs in the home please. Bentley should probably start off as an only dog as Lab Rescue is looking for an experienced adopter of big dogs who is not only strong in strength but in leadership, as well as someone who has the time and willingness to exercise and train Bentley.

Medical: Bentley is healthy, received his second round of puppy vaccinations and will be receiving the third round on 2/8/2022. He is not chipped or neutered yet. Lab Rescue will coordinate these at a later date.

Bentley is located in: Corte Madera

If you are interested in adopting Bentley, please email Sandy at and tell me why your home would be a good fit for Bentley. Please leave you callback number.

Please note our service area: GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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