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Video: Blackie self-scratching his back

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Video: Running with the Blackie

Video: Blackie and Diesel walking together on leash

Blackie: 6-year-old male black Lab mix 50 pounds neutered

Background: “Officer, but the cat came into MY backyard. I am a dog. What did you EXPECT me to do? I was defending MY home against this feline intruder. You never heard of that ‘STAND YOUR HOUND’ law? What do you mean ‘put your paws behind your back’?” Blackie peacefully surrendered to local authorities for killing a cat that entered his yard. We pulled Blackie from this local shelter after getting a reprieve from the governor.

What Blackie’s Foster says: Blackie is sweet and affectionate. Face-licks, head-in-lap and leaning-in. This guy follows me around the house. He likes his belly rubs and being brushed. Easy to walk; doing great at heeling on the left side and stopping at every cross street (to receive a treat , of course). Occasionally wants to forge ahead to sniff and pee, but responds well to a small tug on the leash. Sleeps through the night. Likes his treats so should be easy to train. Already sits and will wait at the top of the stairs. If I go out for a quick errand and let Blackie stay behind – all is fine and in order upon my return. Not much interest in toys so far.

What Blackie’s Rescue Rep says: We are delighted for the opportunity to provide Blackie with a new lease on life. After several walks around the block and a slow careful introduction, Blackie was able to walk on leash alongside my own dog Diesel. Will need to use care to avoid cats. This guy would be an awesome companion for a single person. Probably not ideal for a home with children.

Medical Information: Blackie will be headed to our vet soon for a full check-up. He is already neutered, currently on vaccinations, and microchipped.

Blackie is located in: Berkeley.

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