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Video: Walking with The Blaze

Blaze: 1-year-old male black Lab 75-lb Neutered

Background: Sometimes human life just gets in the way of things, and Blaze’s owner reluctantly must find him a new home. She got him from a professional dog breeder when he was just a puppy.

What Blaze’s current owner says: Blaze gets his name from the small white blaze on his chest. He was the only puppy in the litter with any markings. I am told this is a good marking dating back from the original Scottish Labradors. I have had Blaze since he was 8 weeks old. I love him very much and he has been a great companion through the past year. I have sadly come to the realization that I am not providing him what he really needs. I am also moving for a new job and unable to find housing that will accept dogs. Blaze needs a family with room to play and exercise. Blaze has gone to training and is well socialized. He is mellow for his age, loving and so sweet. He spends 2-3 days a week at Camp Bow Wow where he is a favorite of the staff. They often use him as the interview dog when a new dog comes to the facility because he is so gentle. Blaze is well behaved – no (or little) jumping, no counter surfing, no aggression with food or other dogs and he loves cats. My cats wait for him to come over and rub their heads and clean them. He does need to continue with his training for pulling when excited and recall/being off leash in a large or unenclosed area. He is great in the car - he has been on several road trips with me. My hope is Blaze finds a home and a family that loves him as much as I do. This is a difficult decision, but I feel it is the best for Blaze.

What Blaze’s Rescue Rep says: A delightful, engaging young dog. Eager to meet (and mouth lick) other dogs. Sleeps in a crate at night. We want to land him in an active home with room to run. Would be fine in a home with cats.

Medical: Blaze is neutered, current on vaccinations, and microchipped. Blaze is currently being treated for some allergies, demodex, digestives sensitivity. He also has rolled eyelids that may warrant entropion surgery.

Blaze is located in: Martinez.

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