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Video: Bodhi romping with a pal

Video: Bodhi lives to wrassle

Bodhi: 8-month-old male yellow Lab 55 pounds neutered

Background: Given up by his family to a local shelter, Bodhi had (and may still have) a habit of swallowing large pieces of tennis balls that he’d chewed up. This required gastro surgery to remove the chunks of tennis ball. His family could no longer deal with this and could not afford the vet treatment every time he swallowed something he should not have. Baaaad Bodhi.

What Bodhi’s foster says: We’ve had Bodhi for just a short period of time and he is settling in nicely – what a great young energetic dog. We are walking him on a “Sens-ation” harness and he does pretty good (sometimes) – still pulls a little, but overall walked politely. Paid no mind to a noisy passing street sweeper and people walking by – does bark and pull towards nearby dogs with an over-the-top playful attitude. Bodhi is able to sleep in a crate all night. Has a nice appetite. Even learned how to use of dog door. Major play action with our own chocolate female Lab; lots of chasing and playing tug and wrassling. At the first opportunity, he demonstrated a not-so-lovely ability to counter-surf.

What Bodhi’s Rescue Rep says: Boundless energy. Beautiful demeanor. Bubbly personality. Still growing. Bodhi-man is still learning about the world around him; everything excites him. While he is not for the faint-hearted due to his youthful energy, he is a smart guy that will learn from a good human leader. May be too much for families with young children due to his rowdiness. Probably not so good with kitty cats. Would do fabulous with another dog in the home. Obedience training will do wonders for Bodhi. His adopters will have to carefully supervise Bodhi in his employment of balls and toys and other small objects to ensure he does not swallow something he should not. (We find some dogs do this out of boredom and lack on exercise.)

Medical Information: In great health. Bodhi is current on Rabies and distemper vax, neutered, and microchipped.

Bodhi is located in: Santa Rosa.

If you are interested in adopting Bodhi, please contact Rescue Rep Liz at

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