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Video: Bruce wrassling with former roommate Lily

Video: Bruce snacking

Video: Bruce wrassling with new roomie Charlie

Bruce (the Magnificent): 17-month-old male silver Lab 67 pounds neutered

Background: Bruce was not getting along with another senior dog in his recently-blended human family, and his owner felt it best to find young Bruce a new forever home where he can grow up and thrive without strife or hassle from this older dog.

What Bruce’s Former Owner says: I got Bruce as a young puppy from a relative in Oregon who was breeding her silver Labs. Bruce is an energetic and loving dog. Spent much of his time in a crate due to my long work hours. Likes to ride in the car and loves to swim. Pulls a bit on leash at first when being walked. Can be a little rambunctious when playing with kids. Gets along great with one dog in our home, but not another dog. With a heavy heart, I must allow Bruce to find another family who will be able to meet all of his needs.

What Bruce’s Rescue Rep says: Strikingly handsome! Not for the faint of heart. I call him Bruce the Magnificent. Fabulous with people. Under-socialized with dogs he is not familiar with, he becomes very anxious, excited, and barky when in sight of other dogs – will require ongoing dog-on-dog socialization work. But once he is properly introduced to another dog, all is well, all is great. Sleeps like a baby in his crate at night, but does not being left alone in his crate during the day. Bruce will require lots of walks and significant exercise in his new home. Adopters must have big dog, rowdy dog, crazy dog experience. Bruce is currently with a professional dog trainer, and his adopter should be prepared to continue this work with a trainer.

Medical Information: Bruce is in great health. Neutered, current on vaxes, and microchipped. He is recovering from fur loss on his back and tail – possibly due to flea dermatitis or some other condition.

Bruce is located in: Watsonville.

If you are interested in Bruce, call, text, or email Rescue Rep Dave, 415-686-4248,

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