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Bruno: 9-Year-Old Male Yellow Lab, Neutered, 84 Pounds

Background: Bruno was surrendered to Lab Rescue by a family in the Central Valley. He was gifted to his owner when he was a puppy. For the first year of his life, he lived in the house but when his owner moved out of her parents' home to a house where dogs aren't allowed, Bruno remained with her parents (his grandparents) who didn't like having a dog in the house so they built Bruno a dog house in the backyard where he's lived for the last eight years. Bruno's grandparents are a little older now and can no longer provide for him so his owner reached out to us for help.

What Bruno’s foster says:Bruno is the sweetest of Labs I've ever had the pleasure to foster, always wanting to be petted and near me. His tail is constantly wagging.

After the initial adjustment to our home, Bruno has become a good eater. He not only eats all of his breakfast and all of his dinner, but sometimes leads me into the kitchen between meals and asks for more. We are happy to see that he's interested in food because we feel his gums are feeling better than when he first arrived.

Bruno loves to go on walks. He pulls on while on a leash -- this has improved but is still a work in progress. He gets several short and medium-length walks every day because when he came to us he was not house-broken. We didn't know when he wanted to go out so we would error on the side of taking him out frequently. We found that he would rather go potty during a walk than being sent into our backyard.

Bruno lays down near me during my workday. He'll get up to follow me around or ask to be petted but is content to lay still for long stretches.

When we are out, Bruno is not reactive to other dogs (no barking) except for trying to mark where they have marked.

Bruno is a quiet dog. When we get mail or packages delivered, he doesn't notice. I have never once heard him bark or growl.

Bruno sleeps through the entire night, on a dog bed in the master bedroom, without being on tie down. He is not the first one to get up each morning.

We spend a lot of time on the floor together and all he wants is love. He is a gentle soul.

Bruno is learning how to be an inside dog. He needs to get better at communicating when he needs to go outside to go potty. He needs to learn to not mark on furniture and I am teaching him not to paw me for attention as that can hurt.

What Lab Rescue says: We reached out to a volunteer who rescues dogs in the Central Valley and she was able to find another volunteer to meet/evaluate Bruno for us.

Bruno hasn't been around cats so a home without them would probably be best.

He is a very lovable and sweet Lab that craves attention and has a tail that's in continuous motion. Lab Rescue just had him neutered so we hope after some time, it will curb his desire to hump other dogs, as well as marking in the home.

We'd like Bruno's forever home to be one where he will be in the company of his family, one where he won't be left alone for long stretches of the day.

The ideal home will be one familiar with senior dogs, one where he can be taken on lots of gentle walks, management of his senior joints with a daily supplement, and lots of love and attention. We don't know if he's a swimmer, but he very well could be, and that could provide some nice exercise for him.

Medical information: Bruno's teeth are in poor condition, and he is in need of some dental work, including a cleaning and likely extractions. Lab Rescue is in the process of coordinating that procedure. He has just been neutered, is UTD on vaccines, and heartworm negative.

Bruno is located in: Belmont

If you are interested in adopting Bruno, please email Kris @ Please include a little bit about yourself, your family, your dog experience, and what a typical day for Bruno would look like if he were to live with you.

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