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Video: Buddy starts a Walk

Video: Buddy walking calmly

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Buddy: ~10-month-old male yellow Lab/Husky mix ~70 lbs soon to be neutered

Background: This sweet boy was originally a gift to a college student, who has realized that, much as he loves him, he does not have the time to give Buddy the attention and training he needs. So his family contacted Lab Rescue for help in finding Buddy his forever home.

What Buddy’s owner says: Buddy is a great dog and companion. He is very affectionate and loves to be with our family as much as possible. He is potty trained and sleeps in our home every night. He also loves hanging out indoors with us during the day when we are around. His favorite thing is to play outdoors. He loves to walk, run and play with other dogs. He also gets a great workout and has a lot of fun fetching tennis balls. After a good workout, Buddy enjoys being washed and blow dried as well. On a final note, one of his favorite things to do is to have me share my rotisserie chicken with him (of course in moderation). In summary, whoever is fortunate enough to have Buddy as part of their journey in life will be filled with much love and joy.

What Buddy’s Rescue Rep says: Buddy is a super sweet, energetic young pup with all that entails! Upon first meeting Buddy, he jumped up and was a bit reserved and distant and not real sure about what was going on. Like many young dogs adopted during the pandemic, the opportunities to socialize him with humans and the outside world have been limited. He’s had some training and knows Sit, Down, Wait (all of which he does well), Stay, Come and Leave It (these are harder, and he could use more practice). He takes treats incredibly gently, loves to play fetch, did well with his food guarding and handling evals, and is super playful. He does jump up on you, and is still very mouthy, but he’s eager to please and can learn to not engage in these behaviors. He loves to go on walks (probably because they often end at the dog park, where he also loves to play with other dogs and to run….and run….and run!). One of his most endearing habits is to take the leash in his mouth at the beginning of the walk, as if to say “let’s go, let’s go!”. He walks on a martingale collar and while he pulls, he does settle down after a bit. At the dog park he meets other dogs well, runs with them, bounces around and generally enjoys himself while burning off some of that puppy energy (the walk home is much better!). If a dog engages in behavior that makes Buddy uncomfortable, he disengages. Check out the videos of Buddy in action:

We’d like Buddy to go to a home with an experienced adopter who can help Buddy become the wonderful companion dog he is capable of being. Buddy is in the teenage stage of puppyhood, with all that entails (learn more about teenage dogs here: About Teenage Dogs), but is eager to learn and to please. Buddy is a high energy dog that will need at least an hour of vigorous exercise and play each day (a tired dog is a good dog!). Currently he’s accustomed to a daily walk and/or dog park visit, so that’s what he will expect from his new home! This will also help with training; after a good run or game of fetch Buddy will be more relaxed and able to pay attention to his training. He’ll need lots of chew and play toys to keep him occupied throughout the day. Buddy has not been exposed to small children, and given his size and energy level, his new home should not have children under the age 13. He has been around cats and done well (he has always been supervised when the cats are around). Buddy would be fine as an only dog in an active home with someone who is around a good portion of the day (someone who works from home would be great) or in a home with a calm adult dog who could show him the ropes.

Medical information: Buddy is up to date on his shots, microchipped and in good overall health. He will be heartworm tested and neutered soon.

Buddy is located in: San Jose

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Our volunteers donate their personal time & phones so please only call during reasonable hours (8am - 8pm). The Rescue Rep identified in the dog posting is the only person with information about the dog - please only contact the designated volunteer. We do call everyone back within 2-3 days so please be patient. We work very hard to make the right matches for the dogs and for the new owners. We get 3-5 dogs per week; we do not have a facility where the dogs are housed, they are in foster homes throughout the Bay Area.