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Video: Buddy learns to be calm in the car

Video: Buddy walking at the park

Buddy: ~1-year-old male yellow Lab/Husky mix ~70 lbs neutered

Background: Buddy was adopted by a college student and his girlfriend who had no clue what they were getting into. The dad stepped up and took great care of Buddy, but realized that Buddy needed a home where he could get the training and socialization that a puppy needs. Buddy was adopted but it was not the right fit, so he’s back to Lab Rescue for a second chance at the right home.

What Buddy’s Trainer says: Buddy has become a well-mannered young fella. He is more on the submissive side and just needs someone to show him what they expect of him. He has bloomed into a wonderful mild tempered dog who benefits from nap times. Buddy has developed separation anxiety which I can only assume has come from his consistent change of hands. This will need to continue to be worked on so it does not become a bigger problem. He is currently working on walking nicely on leash, crate training, not jumping on people, space when eating, sharing with other dogs, barking at people while in the car, and meeting new people. Buddy will continue to need training and boundaries so he can continue to thrive in life.

What Buddy’s Rescue Rep says: Buddy is a super sweet, energetic pup with all that entails! He’s had some basic training and is an old hand at the dog park (he’s GREAT with other dogs). He takes treats really gently.

Buddy has some behaviors that needed to be addressed (jumping, mouthing, barking at people in the car) and he needs structured exposure outside his home bubble and a strong consistent human leader to guide him past them. He’s had 10 months of getting away with these behaviors; Lab Rescue now has him in a training program to resolve them and he’s doing beautifully.

Some of his dog issues may be a lack of boundaries, proper etiquette, human understanding, compatibility. That said, he’s a lovely boy with great potential.

The best home for Buddy is with an adopter who has experience with and loves working with obnoxious teenage dogs, and is active enough to wear him out in ways that won’t overstimulate him. Buddy’s home owner will need to provide clear boundaries and strong, consistent leadership. This would be someone who doesn’t feel guilty or scared to tell him no, and who has a schedule (structure!) and sticks to it. When Buddy walks into his new home he will need to be able to look around and think “here is my leader” not “whoo hoo, I’m in charge!” Buddy is a strong, and strong minded, dog (could be his husky side). To ensure success in his forever home, Buddy’s owner will be required to attend 3 to 5 training sessions with our trainer to be able to reinforce and maintain what Buddy has learned, as well as continue with his crate and recommended walking collar and lead.

Medical information: Buddy is up to date on his shots, microchipped, heartworm free and on preventive, neutered and in good overall health.

Buddy is located in: Oakland, but will be moving to Mountain View in the near future

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