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Cali: ~3-year-old female chocolate Lab 60 pounds spayed

Background: What a challenging life it can be at times… Cali was recovered as a stray during the devastating Butte fire in Paradise (near Chico) in 2018. After being held for 90 days awaiting claim by an owner (who never materialized) she was transferred to ARF to find her a new home. Cali was adopted to a great family who resides on the grounds of a private school in the East Bay, where she intended to be forever. For nearly nine months all was going well, until Cali took on the role of protector of her home and yard on the school property. Cali vigorously protested the presence of passing campus ground-keeping staff, chasing after them, barking at them, nipping at them -- generally, wreaking havoc with any nearby maintenance workers. The school administration resolved that Cali was a liability and needed to find a new home, and so the family turned to Lab Rescue to find Cali a new forever family.

What Cali’s prior owners said: We are heartbroken to have to rehome Cali… due to her inappropriate interaction with our campus maintenance workers. She was such a great dog. Cali has been a wonderful family dog to us. She lived with our cat and they got along just fine. Cali had several dog pals on campus and they had great fun with each other – she likes chasing other dogs and being chased. Cali is house-broken and crate-trained. She knows “sit”, “stay”, “come”, “fetch”, “leave it”, and “wait”. We took Cali on daily walks around the campus and to a local dog park every week. Despite her objection to the campus maintenance workers, Cali did great with our kids (10 and 13) and the many students and other school staff that she encountered every day. We believe Cali was “protecting her home”. Otherwise, she was just a typical happy-go-lucky Lab.

What Cali’s foster says: She is a very sweet and cuddly dog. She responds really well to rewards of petting, almost more than food. She is perfectly housebroken; doesn’t (so far) counter-surf. Takes treats with a very gentle mouth. She doesn’t guard her food. My dog Cleo tried to help herself to Cali’s food and Cali just let Cleo. She also has decided to let Cleo have all the retrieves when we as tossing the ball. Cali doesn’t compete for them. Cali is also quite respectful of our cat. Cali does growl at Cleo when Cleo tries to help herself to a toy that Cali considers hers -- that toy has been put away. I’m not sure of the why of it, but the two dogs pretty much keep their distance at home and in the yard, sometimes giving each other a side-eye look. But on walks, they walk happily side-by-side, nose-by-nose sniffing everything together. I am crating Cali at night and sometimes during the day. I don’t let her sit next to me or pet her if she comes up to where I am sitting. No getting on furniture. And she is no longer “guarding” me from Cleo as she was at first. Cali needs to work on walking on leash without pulling. She also lunges at bicycles – yikes! I am working with her on “down” and “stay”. She knows “sit” and “come”.

What Cali’s Rescue Rep says: Cali showed zero objection to me when I approached her home to evaluate her – I even dressed up in the colors the campus maintenance workers. I found Cali to be a wonderful dog… friendly, engaging, playful, attentive, affectionate. I saw zero aggressive or guarding behavior during my hour-long visit with her. I was able to touch her all over without objection. Cali’s adopter will need to use care when introducing her to visiting guests to ensure she does not resume any guarding behavior. She could also use some training on how to properly walk on leash.

Medical Information: Cali is in great health. Spayed, microchipped, heartworm negative, and current on vaccinations.

Cali is located in: Los Altos.

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