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Video: Cami relaxing

Video: Cami bopping around with some other dogs

Cami: 10-year-old female yellow Lab mix 70 pounds spayed

Background: Cami’s owner recently passed away, and the family is unable to keep Cami. Cami (AKA Camelot) had been used as a service/therapy dog as her former owner suffered from PTSD and she provided tremendous calm and comfort to him for many years.

What Cami’s Rescue Rep says: Cami has been around children and other dogs (and cats), and does fine with all. She is energetic and loves to play, but then Cami can be calm and laid back. She slept on her dog bed in the bedroom with her former owner. Would be great as a family dog or for one individual who seeks a fabulous companion.

What Cami’s Foster says: Cami is a wonderful gentle dog. She stays really close and follows you around from room to room. Cami loves being in the garden and begs to go hang out in the back yard. She would not do well with being alone for more than a couple of hours at a time, as she is used to being with someone 24x7. Loves to play outside with other dogs or humans. Doesn’t care for balls or toys. Very easy to walk; doesn’t pull on the leash. Probably not good with cats as we have had a couple of incidents with the neighbors cats -- chasing them if they venture into my yard. Cami is very friendly to other dogs on walks. She welcomes exercise and likes to go for a good hike, so “a walk around the block” is not enough. Sleeps well. Someone with time to spend with a wonderful dog or a family with kids would be perfect.

Medical Information: Cami recently saw our vet and was found to be in fine health… Current on vaccinations, heartworm negative, spayed, and microchipped.

Cami is located in: Oakland.

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