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Casey 9 month Old Black Male Lab Not Neutered 55 Pounds

Background: Casey was purchased from a breeder and the owner thought Casey would be an English Lab. Casey is an American Field Lab and comes from hunting lines. The owner feels it is best to find Casey a new home where he can be an active dog.

What Casey's foster has to say:Casey is a wonderful dog and we will miss him but we are not the right home for him. He gets along with everyone and all other animals, one sweet boy! He is well trained and knows sit, stay, down, come, heel, fetch, drop, leave it, take it, wait and off! (He went to a professional trainer.) He is a very loving dog and loves to be with people. He is an inside dog, housetrained, very energetic and loves to play fetch and tug! He gets regular walks each day and goes to doggie day care on a regular basis to let him play with other dogs. He loves to go for car rides, likes to fetch and comes when called. He will chew on non-dog items, will jump up on people at times and likes to dig! We will be sad to see him go but we will be happy that he is in the right home.

What Casey's rep has to say: We are looking for a home that understands active dogs and dogs that want to work for you! Casey is amazing but he is still a puppy and will get in trouble if he does not get the exercise he needs. He is well trained and we want a home that will continue his training. He would be fine in a home with other dogs and children. We want a home where Casey will not be left for long periods of time and a home that will make him part of the pack.

Medical: Casey is a very healthy boy and GGLRR will work with the adopter to get him neutered.

Gracie is located in: Santa Rosa.

If you are interested in fostering Casey, please contact Rescue Rep Liz at

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