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Cassie: 5 Month Old Silver Lab Female ~25 pounds Not-spayed

(GGLRR will work with the adopter on the spay.)

Background: Cassie was purchased from a breeder and was brought home 9 weeks of age. She has been given a good foundation by the owners but they feel they do not have the time that is needed for a puppy.

What Cassie’s Owner has to say: Cassie is a very smart girl. She knows Sit, down, heel and wait. She loves to go for card rides, likes to fetch and will come when called. She is a PUPPY and she will chew on no dog items, she will counter surf, will jump up on people, and is cautious of loud noises. She is crate trained and is house trained. She is allowed to sleep on a chair in the living room and she has had some professional training. Cassie is a very smart girl and will be an active dog.

What GGLRR wants for Cassie: We want an adopter who is home, who has the time for a puppy, someone who has patience for a puppy, someone who has had large active dogs in the past. We are big believers a tired dog is a good dog. You should be prepared for a couple of hours of exercise a day and prepared to take the Cassie to training. Cassie wants a job to do and wants to follow a leader of the pack! If you have kids your kids should be ok or have experience with puppies and their behavior.

Medical Information: Cassie has no medical issues and is updated on her shots. The owner has taken her to the vet for Giardia which we think she got from the breeder.

Cassie is located in: Petaluma

All inquiries received so far will be answered.

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