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Champ: 8-year-old male yellow Lab mix ~89 lbs Neutered

Background: Champ came to Lab Rescue from San Jose Animal Care after his owner left the country and didn’t come back. He left Champ in the care of a roommate, but after several months the roommate dropped Champ off at the shelter. Originally called Charlie, we renamed this wonderful boy Champ, because that’s what he is! Now that he is safely ensconced in a wonderful foster home, we are looking for Champ’s forever home that will really be forever!

What Champ’s Foster says: This boy is one happy, healthy, gregarious guy who is a pleasure to have around. Champ is strong with good energy but has great house manners. No counter surfing or begging while you eat. He is crate trained but sleeps through the night on a dog bed in my room. Champ is a very playful guy and gets along well with my male lab. While he loves attention, he will lay down when asked to. This is how I can get my work done at home. Champ knows sit, shake, down and stay. He is pretty good on a walk with a training collar but does have prey drive when he encounters a cat, squirrel or other critter. Champ loves to play fetch but does not drop it when he brings it back. He needs some additional work off-leash with recall and playing with other dogs as he can be protective of his toy. Champ would be a great addition to any family or individual who is home a lot.

What Champ’s Rescue Rep says: Champ is a super sweet boy who is so excited to meet people and give kisses! He’s an English style Lab with the stocky body, made stockier by a few extra pounds (he could lose 5 to 8 pounds). We’re not sure how he got that way because he’s not a big eater, but suspect he may have been left alone a lot and free fed. He walked right into the crate when he arrived at his foster home, but we think that was more because it felt like a safe place than because he needs one. He sleeps at night on a dog bed in his foster mom’s room. He seems to have had some training (responds to sit, walks reasonably well on the leash) and he’s been fine with other dogs when properly introduced.

We’d love a home for Champ that has plenty of time and energy to play with him and take him on walks (which will both wear him out AND burn off a few of those pounds!). Champ would love to hang out with you at home while you work, give you loving looks from those beautiful brown eyes, and be your forever boy.

Medical: Champ is up to date on his shots, neutered and on flea preventive. We will get him heartworm tested in the near future. He has a couple of fatty lipomas that have been tested and are not concerning.

Champ is located in Mountain View.

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