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SWEET SWEET Charlie GIRL – 2-year-old Black Female Spayed Lab 66 pounds

Background: GGLRR got a call from the SFSPCA as they knew of a beautiful Lab that was surrendered to Animal Care and Control in San Francisco. She was a family pet but they did not have time for her any longer. She had been around other dogs, cats and toddlers with no issues.

What Charlie’s Foster says: If you need a velcro lab in your life, Charlie is your girl. She is progressing exceptionally well from her TPLO surgery. At 2 years young she needs to be reminded every day that she is still in post-op rehab. She is making strides on walks, the only initial pulling is until she gets outside to take care of business and then she is very calm. Charlie loves being outside! Because of being post-op she has not been allowed to be off leash, so we’ve worked through a lot of pent up energy. She will get excited when seeing other dogs, more so just to be sociable not aggressive, but she is working on “leave it” with the clicker and treats and is able to re-focus her energy back. If you stop to chat with a neighbor, Charlie will lay down and wait patiently. She is super smart and responds incredibly well to the clicker training. She is very food motivated so to keep her weight in check, when training, we limit the food intake that is supplemented by the treats while training and of course, more walks. At home she gets along with and snuggles with her “big sister” 13year old Mini Schnauzer on Charlie’s bed. She is an absolute love. She really just wants to be by you all the time. She really loves rides in the car, it’s like her kryptonite – she falls asleep! I think she would love any body of water as she loves to splash in the wet grass at our neighborhood park, the more wet the better! Charlie is still gaining confidence with being hand-shy especially with men, but has gained trust with her foster dad and our apartment community male neighbors. She sleeps in our room on her bed at night, and snores big, but she just loves being in the same room with us. We think once she is through her rehab and able to run off some 2 year old energy, that her true self will shine, which means she will be even more amazing! You can imagine being contained to an apartment and then on leash outside how you would feel. Charlie Girl needs leadership, exercise and continued training but more than anything she needs unconditional love and in return will give more than you could have ever hoped for.

What Charlie’s Rescue Rep says: Charlie is a wonderful dog and just seems to love everyone. She is a bit cautious with some people at first and mostly men; GGLRR feels she may have been treated a bit rough at times. She can be in a home with kids, with cats and with other dogs. She truly wants to play with other dogs so a home would be great with another dog she can play with. She is a dog that loves water, loves to go for car rides and really loves her people. She will destroy her toys and seems to love carrying things around in her mouth. She will listen when the older foster dog tells her no with a little growl. She knows basic commands and can use a refresher on all commands and on leash walking. She will listen to you and she of course is very treat motivated! A home that does not have a lot of stairs would be great for Charlie!

Medical Information: Charlie is a great dog that has the basics – shots and spay. She needs to lose weight over the next 2 months and then she will need acl surgery and surgery to fix her luxating patella. (All on her left leg; you should be prepared that possibly her right leg may need surgery.)

Medical Information: Charlie Girl is down to 66 pounds and loving life. GGLRR got Charlie Girl her surgery and she is only on leash restriction for another month. She is one healthy girl and keeping her weight down and plenty on walks will be key for Charlie Girl. She has her shots, she is heartworm negative and she is microchipped.

Charlie Girl is located in: Santa Clara

If you are interested in Charlie Girl, email Rescue Rep Liz,

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