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SWEET Charlie GIRL: 2-year-old Black Female Spayed Lab 90 pounds

Background: GGLRR got a call from the SFSPCA as they knew of a beautiful Lab that was surrendered to Animal Care and Control in San Francisco. She was a family pet but they did not have time for her any longer. She had been around other dogs, cats and toddlers with no issues.

What Charlie’s Foster says: Charlie girl is a social gem! Charlie girl came to us after a brief stay in a shelter - but clearly grew up in a home - and is where she thrives. She is very social & loves to be around people, good around kids and other pets (we have a cat and a dog and 4 kids living at home with us). While on walks, she is somewhat interested in other dogs, but does not bark or get aggressive. She enjoys going on walks, however could use some training reinforcement to improve her manners (she pulls on the leash a little at the start of the walk - and at 90 pounds currently, this will likely need to be done by an adult or older child)She seems happiest when with her people - often lays by my feet or on the nearby patio while I work from home. She is overweight - and would likely be more agile if she lost some weight (she now struggles to jump up to get into our SUV and at night struggles with our many stairs). Thus, would be best suited for a family who could put her on a diet and ease her into a fitness routine! She has young dog energy, however is quick to calm. She knows basic commands like sit, and responds to her name. She warmed up to our family incredibly quickly, and is a positive happy dog who will bring endless joy to her forever home.

What Charlie’s Rescue Rep says: Charlie is a wonderful dog and just seems to love everyone. She is a bit cautious with some people at first and mostly men; GGLRR feels she may have been treated a bit rough at times. Charlie needs to be on a strict diet and should lose at least 20 pounds. With less food and more walks she will be there in no time! She can be in a home with kids, with cats and with other dogs. She truly wants to play with other dogs so a home would be great with another dog she can play with. She is a dog that loves water, loves to go for car rides and really loves her people. She will destroy her toys and seems to love carrying things around in her mouth. She will listen when the older foster dog tells her no with a little growl. She knows basic commands and can use a refresher on all commands and on leash walking. She will listen to you and she of course is very treat motivated! A home that does not have a lot of stairs would be great for Charlie!

Medical Information: Charlie is a great dog that has the basics – shots and spay. She needs to lose weight and she does have a leg issue on her back left leg GGLRR will be taking her to the vet to examine. If Charlie needs a leg surgery GGLRR will pay for her leg surgery but a home needs to be prepared to rehab her leg. She is just getting over kennel cough so the exam will be in a week.

Charlie Girl is located in: San Francisco

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