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CHLOE: 7 Year Old Black Female Lab 70 lbs Spayed

Background: Chloe was surrendered to the Ukiah shelter as her current owners did not have time for her with their third child on the way and she was currently not doing well with the small dogs in the home. Her story over the last 5 years goes like this: She was purchased from a breeder in the Gridley area and they had her two years, but they felt like they could not keep up with a young active Lab. They took her to the Gridley shelter, and she was rescued for the current owner’s grandson. They had the dog for 2 years and they ended up getting a divorce. (When Chloe was in the home, they had no issues with Chloe.) Chloe then went to the Ex-Daughter in law who kept her for 1 year but had to give her up as Chloe kept getting out of the yard; she had low fences. (She did not have any issues with Chloe other than getting out of the yard.) She then went to the daughter who had her for 2 years. Chloe did great in the home and would sit by her feet while she worked from home. She was a big part of the family but the last 6 months she started to have some issues. They had two small dogs in the home and Chloe would pick them up and shake them. She also ended up catching one of the chickens and killing the chicken. She was around other larger dogs with this family and did not have any issues. Chloe was not getting regular exercise with this family as they did not have time. They then took her to the Ukiah shelter who reached out to GGLRR to see if we could pull her and find her a GREAT home.

What Chloe’s foster says: Chloe is the best dog. She is a total love who loves belly rubs, cuddles and being around her people. She is fantastic in doors and will settle in any room you are in. She even knows “out” for out of the kitchen and will lay down in our family room while we eat, though she would love to sit under us waiting for a morsel to drop. She knows sit, stay, shake for commands and sits at the back door when she needs to use the bathroom which is not very often. When we leave for short periods of time she goes in her crate and at night she sleeps in our room on her bed. On walks she pulls a little on the leash but corrects quickly. We are working on heel which she is getting good at. She can walk by other dogs but needs to be heeling next to you. She doesn’t like other dogs in her space and she will let them know but she won’t go after another dog aggressively. She would really like to chase squirrels or cats on walks but as long as you are attentive and she knows you are in control as soon as her ears perk up and you say no and put her in check she leaves it. I don’t feel like she would like the dog park. We go out for a walk about 1.5 to 2 miles and a bit of fetch in the morning and we usually play in our backyard in the afternoon or if we feel like she needs a bit more exercise or to release some energy we go on a short late afternoon walk. Chloe is fine around kids but would most likely do better around older kids. She rides great in the car and is a mellow and sweet girl.

What Chloe’s Rescue Rep says: Chloe is a great dog and deserves to find her last home! Chloe needs exercise and a home that will be her leader and not let her lead. She loves people and they said she was very sweet to older people. She is housetrained, loves the water, enjoys running and playing fetch. She may dig if left alone in the backyard; most dogs will if they are bored. The previous owners describe her as friendly, playful, loves people and picks up things quickly. She may jump up to greet you and she could use better leash manners. She should not be in a home with another dog and a home with cats. Exercise is key for Chloe! The shelter tested her with a variety of dogs, and she did not have any issues and they felt she is a dog that will not go out of her way to create any issues.

Medical: Chloe has no health issues. She is spayed, up to date on her shots, heartworm negative and is microchipped. I spoke to the previous owners and they did not have any health issues with her.

Chloe is currently located in: Brentwood

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