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Video: John Fogerty’s Centerfield

Video: Coach relaxing, one day after leaving the shelter

Video: Happy Coach after a rainy day walk

Video: Coach on a leash walk

Coach: 10-year-old male black Lab 58-lbs Not yet neutered

Background: Picked up as a stray in Contra Costa County in late January, no one came looking for Coach (given that name by the shelter staff)

Sung to the tune of John Fogerty’s Centerfield:

Well, get a bone and grab the phone

This dog was found one day

He’s born again, there's new grass on the field

Just outta the shelter, in a foster home

It's a male black handsome Lab

Anyone can understand the way he feels

Oh, they call me, Coach

I'm ready to play today

Adopt me! I’m Coach

I'm ready to play today

Look at me, I can be… your new dog.

What Coach’s foster says: This guy is an absolute hoot. Major goofball. While he may be ten years in age, he has the spirit and energy of a much younger dog. Initially not house-trained, we are making good progress. He currently sleeps through the night on a tie-down in my office; am working on getting him comfortable with a crate but we have a ways to go. Good appetite. Getting three or four walks each day to release his energy -- he loves his walks. On walks, this guy is kinda all over the place; he’d rather be out front leading the walk, so I am working on his not pulling and encouraging Coach to walk alongside me. He is eager to meet all other dogs on walks. After our walks, he happily crashes and zzz’s on his dog bed. Coach has been a little annoying to our own 7-year-old black Lab “Diesel” -- Coach pokes Diesel in the side with his snout encouraging Diesel to play, but Diesel snarks back at Coach to tell him to knock it off. Not very interested in toys, but Coach sure likes to be touched and have his belly scratched. A little bit of a bull in the china shop when he gets excited -- for food, walks, or attention. Coach has shown some objection (low growl) to being handled when he does not wish to do what you want him to do, so I am having him drag a lead around him so I can use the lead to guide him anywhere -- this is working great.

What Coach’s Rescue Rep says: Seems that Coach has had a pretty hard life so far given his physical and medical condition when he came into the shelter. Coach would love to live (and romp) with another dog, but a forever home with just humans would be awesome. Will need continued guidance to ensure that he reliably becomes house-broken. No idea how Coach is with cats. I expect that he can go on extended walks and hikes. He will be a steadfast companion and adventure pal to some fortunate adopter. Probably not best for family with small children given his high energy.

Medical: Coach is current on vaccinations, microchipped, and heartworm negative. Coach does have a large pouch of loose skin hanging down from his abdomen; we will have it removed when he gets neutered. He is also recovering from an infection in both ears. A hot spot on Coach’s back is pretty much healed and the fur is now growing back. The shelter vet allegedly felt a hard mass in Coach’s abdomen (in or near his stomach), but our vet was unable to find any such mass following a physical exam and ultrasound. He is probably a few pounds underweight but his resounding appetite will soon solve that issue.

Coach is located in: Berkeley.

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