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Coco: 8 Year Old Chocolate Female Lab 75 Pounds Spayed

Background: To know Coco is to love Coco. She is a gentle soul who loves to play and be loved. When she finds her fur-ever home, my heart will break because I’ll miss her, but it will also be full knowing she has found someone whom she can count on and who will love her.

Coco came to live with me temporarily as a favor to a friend who had gone through a complicated divorce and had moved out of state. The expectation was that I would take care of her for a month or so while his daughter found a place to live that would take dogs. While the daughter was young and in college, she assured me that she was looking for alternative places to live. I already had a large dog and a cat and thought it wouldn’t be difficult to add another large dog to a household for a short time.

Unfortunately, things didn’t work out as planned, and 8 months later, Coco is still waiting for her forever home. I thought hard about keeping her, but soon realized that in my small house, with just me to care for the animals and the 3-acre yard and everything else, two dogs was one too many. To that end, I am looking to find a home for this sweet dog.

Let me tell you about Coco.

She is an 8 year old chocolate lab, weighing about 75 lbs. She may have gone up in weight a bit because she LOVES to eat….everything. I learned quickly that you can have nothing within her reach on your counter. I think that if she ever figured out how to get in a refrigerator, she would probably be making herself sandwiches before long. In the 8 months since she has been with me, she has enjoyed 2 loaves of bread, a freshly made blackberry pie, a bag of biscotti, 2 bananas, and a loaf of banana bread. That’s not to mention the 2 bags of cat food and almost ½ of a large bag of dog food that she’s gotten into when she’s had an opportunity. While she always seems ravenously hungry, she is not at all food aggressive. I feed the two dogs together in the same room just inches apart. No food aggression for either of them. They often drink water at the same time from the large water bowl in the kitchen. I can put my hand in her dish while she is eating and she is fine.

Coco loves to play with her stuffed animal squeaky toys, and she entertains herself throwing the toys in the air and catching them. She loves my other dog, who is a bit older than her, and Coco wants so badly to play with her but unfortunately, Missy is more reserved. She also loves my cat. They have become quite good friends. And that’s saying a lot for Tessie who can be very finicky in picking her friends.

When I travel, as I do frequently, I take Coco to a cageless boarding kennel. The staff loves her and always seems very happy when Coco is coming to stay. They tell me that she loves the other dogs--she follows them around and plays when they are willing.

I’ve had guests with dogs stay at my home, and she always makes friends quickly with the dogs and the humans as well.

Coco also loves to swim. I have a large pond on my property and both dogs love to spend time swimming in the pond in the summer…and winter if they get the chance. Because Coco loves to roam, I have to watch that she doesn’t get out of the property. She will if given a chance. However, she has always come back when she’s called (it helps to have a “treat box” that you can shake when calling her – she picks up on that right away and comes flying back home.) Since I live in the country, she can roam quite far without getting into too much trouble, but I watch her closely when outside.

I don’t think a lot of training was ever done with Coco, or wasn’t adhered to. So I’ve been working on several commands, like Come, Sit, Lay down, Gentle, and “don’t you dare eat that”. She’s come a long way on following the commands. She sleeps in her own bed at night and stays there until morning without roaming the house and getting into trouble.

Coco had several health issues when she came to me. First, she has a torn ACL in her right hind leg. It doesn’t seem to hinder her much, but she does limp when she’s done a lot of running. And she does love to run! Swimming seems to have helped her strengthen the leg, so she has gotten better. But it will never heal fully. The original owner chose not to have the surgery done to repair it. To that end, she gets a daily dosage of Gabapentin, which helps to relieve nerve pain caused by the torn ACL.

Coco is a love and deserves a family that will include her in their lives. I envision a family who has someone that stays at home, other dogs or animals for friends, take her with them when traveling, and just love her. In her other home before she came to me, I’m told she was best friends with a 6 year old child. But I’ve not had her around kids, so I can’t speak to experience. However, Coco is so gentle and kind, that I cannot imagine her being less than an ideal dog for a family with kids.

What Coco’s Rescue Rep says: Coco is an amazing girl and we are looking for a home for her that can help her get through her leg surgery. GGLRR will pay for her leg surgery and we have applied to get her to UC Davis. She will make someone a wonderful companion.

Medical Information: Coco is healthy other than needing her leg surgery and she has been well cared for. She is spayed, has her shots, is microchipped and has been on regular heartworm protection and flea and tick protection.

COCO is located in: San Jose

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