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Coco: 3 year old spayed yellow female Lab/Shepherd mix 60 lbs

From Coco's Previous Owners: We adopted Coco at 2.5 months from a shelter. She is active outdoors and calm in the house. She has been very loved and well cared for. She is a happy dog to have around. Coco is a smart dog and has been a great pet for my 10 year old daughter who likes to snuggle with her. Coco is not destructive in the home. She loves the outdoors and enjoys having a yard to hang out in with her peeps. Unfortunately, we had to move and the condo does not allow dogs. She also loves to swim.

From Coco's Foster: Coco currently has some leash aggression when she sees other dogs, whether they are across the street or through a fence, etc. She most likely has not been trained in the proper introductions with other dogs. We are currently working on that. Her new owner may need to bring in a trainer to work on this as well, especially because she is a strong dog. When she is off leash, she is fine with other dogs. Coco sleeps through the night either on her dog bed on the floor of my room or during the night she may jump up on my bed and go back to sleep. We were told that Coco was crate trained as a puppy but does not use one anymore. However, she will go into a crate with little resistance and encouragement. Coco gets along and plays well with my 9 yo male Lab. She is a very sweet dog and friendly with everyone she meets.

From Coco's Rescue Rep: Coco is a social girl. She loves being around people and when off leash, around other dogs. She does very well riding in the car. She grew up with a 7 year old who is now 10. Besides giving lots of kisses and affection (yes she will hug you) she likes to snuggle. At times, she will play with her toys which keeps her distracted though she would prefer if you throw the ball so she can fetch. She is housebroken and has no resource guarding. However, she does have prey drive and will chase birds and especially squirrels and run at the speed of light to try and catch them. Speaking of running, if she has the opportunity, she is also an escape artist and will bolt out of the front door as soon as it is opened. Her new owners will need to take measures to be extra cautious about this. Lab Rescue prefers that her new owners not live on a busy car populated street. Coco will bark when she gets excited. As far as commands go she knows sit. She wants to please and is treat motivated so it should be easy to train her with other commands. Because she is very affectionate and jumps up to give hugs, any kids should be 7 and older.

What this sweet girl needs is an active household on a daily basis as she is in great shape and loves activity. Coco needs an experienced big dog owner who is not only strong in physical strength but also as a leader. Dogs intrinsically need structure and order. If they detect that the person in charge is not strong enough, by instinct the dog will take over that role.

Medical: Coco is healthy, spayed, up to date on vaccinations, heartworm negative and microchipped.

Coco is currently located in: Mountain View.

If you can provide what Coco needs and thrives on and are interested in giving her a forever home, please email Rescue Rep Sandy at and tell me why your home would be the best for Coco. Please leave your number so that I can call you back. Please note: GGLRR serves the greater San Francisco Bay Area,

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