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Cody: 6 – 7 Month Old Black Male Lab ~37 pounds Neutered

Foster Needed

Background: Hi my name is Cody! Happy New Year and I hope this will be an amazing year for me! It started out a bit rough but now that I am in a very nice, warm foster home I can sense this is my year! I was owned by these nice people when I was a puppy and I felt I was well cared for but one day we were out for a walk and they tied me up to a tree and told me to stay. I was sitting there for awhile waiting for them to come back but instead a nice man came and loaded me up and took me to this kind of scary place. The place had a lot of animals there and it was very loud; people came to see me and I heard them say they wanted to adopt me. I was so excited I ran over to give them a big kiss and I hurt my leg in the process. The family decided they could not take me home and the nice lady at the shelter said she would reach out to an organization that she felt could help me! The next day I was off on a long car ride; transferred to another car ride and then I landed in this very nice foster home in San Francisco. I have a warm comfy bed, get to go out for walks, get to meet new people, get to eat yummy treats and gets lot’s of belly rubs. I would love a new home for the New Year!

What Cody’s foster has to say: Cody is a sweet sweet boy. From the moment he meets you, he will want to be either in your lap, next to your feet, or slowly following you around the house. He enjoys meeting new people and has no problem saying hi to men, women, and children. He has a good appetite and does not over eat. I’ve been taking him out every 2-3 hours during the day and he has not had an accident in the house. He can sleep for 8+ hours and will hold it until you take him outside. He has been sleeping in his crate at night, but needs me to sit next to him for 5-10 minutes as he settles down. Cody has not had any training and will require time to show him the ropes. He is very smart and a bit strong-willed at times, but has shown an eagerness to learn and understand what his boundaries are.

What GGLRR wants for Cody: A home that wants a young puppy! Cody is a great dog but he is a puppy still. He loves to put everything in his mouth, loves to be rough and tumble and loves a good belly rub! He loves to be with his pack; loves his toys and has a very soft mouth. Cody does need more training and gets very excited over tug games. (GGLRR has not been playing tug with him. He will give up his toys and has no possessiveness over any toys or food.) If you are a home that has young kids; you need to make sure you understand that puppies are like having another child. They are amazing but they are work! GGLRR wants a home that can help Cody through his hip surgery! Cody does not like car rides and will drool when he is in the car. GGLRR has put him in a crate for the rides and we do not feed him before the car rides. If you are looking for one sweet boy; Cody is your dog! Cody would be fine in a home with other dogs and cats. The other dog in the home should not be a dog that would be too rough with Cody.

Medical Information: Cody will need a hip surgery and GGLRR will coordinate with the adopter on the surgery. Cody has all his shots, heartworm negative, microchipped and neutered. Cody is a very healthy boy other than is one hip.

Cody is located in: San Francisco

If you are interested in adopting Cody, please contact Rescue Rep Liz at

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