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CODY: 13-year-old male yellow Lab ~65 pounds neutered

Background: Cody is a sweet senior looking for a forever home. Cody’s owner is returning to the work force which will leave Cody home for long periods of time, his owner wants a better quality of life for him. He was purchased from a breeder in the Bay Area and they have owned him since he was an 8 week old puppy! They truly love him but know it is best to rehome him as he spends a lot of time laying around in the yard and the garage. (The owners wife recently passed away and she was the one who was home with Cody.)

What Cody’s foster family has to say: Cody is a loveable old guy. He gets on well with other dogs, although would rather play with his humans and a soggy tennis ball. He loves going on walks even though his back end is weak. He has muscle myopathy and as a result his back toes get dragged behind him when he walks. He has been wearing boots with us which has helped with the toe nails not filing down and bleeding. Despite the back end not working he is so determined and loves being outside and walking. His hearing is not great, and what he does have can be selective particularly if there is food involved. He LOVES food, and is especially fond of sharing your apple or orange. He has a very soft mouth and is very polite when taking a treat. He adores kids and loves to snuggle up on the sofa and watch a movie in the evenings. He is great in the car and will ride in a crate or sit on the back seat. He would love to be in a home where he can be with someone most of the day as he really enjoys human company.

What Cody’s Rescue Rep says: Cody is a nice all around friendly people dog, he is great with kids. He likes to ride in the car, go swimming and loves to play fetch almost to exhaustion. Cody walks fantastic on leash, has no problem meeting other dogs. Cats to not seem to bother him, he may sniff them and move on. Cody knows his basic commands, sit, stay, heel, fetch, and down. Lab Rescue is looking for a home for Cody where he can live out the rest of his days inside the home and with company.

Medical Information: He is neutered - up to date on his shots – microchipped. The owner took Cody into the vet and ran a full well check and blood panel and all came back great for a 13 year old boy! We should all be so healthy.

Cody is located in: San Anselmo

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