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Video: Cookie, Taffy and another dog bopping around

Video: Cookie hanging out with roomie dog

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Cookie: 2-year-old female black Lab mix 48 pounds spayed

Background: Confiscated by a local animal services agency, Cookie and her pal Taffy had been neglected and underfed by her former owner who stated his dogs were not interested in the food he was feeding them. Huh? The former owner allegedly brought both dogs to the shelter to be euthanized [what the heck?], wherein the shelter refused and immediately took custody of both dogs. Both dogs immediately gobbled down all food and treats offered by the shelter. We are delighted to have both Cookie and Taffy in our adoption program now.

What Cookie's foster says: I have had Cookie for a month. She suffered from neglect and was extremely malnourished. In the short time we have had her, she has adjusted wonderfully. She is housebroken and crate-trained and sleeps in her crate through the night. She can tell time and knows when it is 6:00 AM and 6:00PM -- her feeding times. She is still a little food-obsessed but as she is putting on weight her obsession with food has really lessened. She is not food-aggressive and accepts treats politely. Cookie has discovered toys and loves to play and run. She prefers to run alongside our ball-obsessed lab and try to steal the ball from him. She has been doing great on her leash and does not pull when wearing a harness. She is able to stay in the backyard with our lab for hours at a time. She gets anxious if left in the yard alone and did climb the fence at the shelter. She is learning to trust people and is still a little cautious on our walks when approached by other dogs and people. As her confidence grows she will become more independent. Cookie is very trainable. She is eager to please and has already learned which areas are off limits, not to chase our cats (even though it’s really fun) and what she is allowed to chew. She loves being touched and petted and has no problem raising those long legs in the air for a belly rub. She will be a loving addition to any active family.

What Cookie's Rescue Rep says: Cookie is on a weight-gain program now as we endeavor to slowly put on some pounds. Really wondering what she will look like when she puts on the needed 20-25 pounds. Suspect she is a high energy dog. Would do great in a home with another dog. Cookie might (or might not) be okay in a home with a cat. Have no idea what Cookie is mixed with. Any guesses?

Medical Information: Besides her extremely underweight status, Cookie appears to be in good health. She is neutered, microchipped, current on vaccinations, and heartworm negative.

Cookie is located in: Vacaville.

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