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Curry: 10 Month-Old Yellow Lab ~80 pounds, Neutered

Curry was surrendered to Lab Rescue by his family as one of their daughters is allergic to him. As a result, this young, active boy has had to stay in the backyard day and night. It was an extremely difficult decision for his family to surrender Curry, but they knew it wasn't fair for him to be tied up in the backyard and wanted him to be an active part of a family.

Curry is sweet, playful, and still very much a puppy. A very large puppy! Curry needs a lot of supervision as he tends to jump on people to say hello, counter surfs and will chew on non-dog items.

The foster has been working with him, getting him acclimated to being in the house again and part of family life. He is receiving a lot of attention, exercise, and playtime. His foster says Curry is always happy and loves to have company.

Lab Rescue is seeking a patient family who is committed to making him a part of their family, working with him, taking basic obedience classes together and devoting time to him. Curry is a wonderful dog who aims to please. It's hard not to laugh when he grabs a watering can and runs through the yard wanting you to chase him, but he is still very much a puppy and is open to learning better behavior.

We want Curry in a home where he is not left for long stretches of the day. A stay-at-home parent, families who work from home or families who can take him to work with them would be ideal. A family who wants a dog to accompany them on outdoor adventures and vacations would be wonderful!

Because of Curry's size and exuberance, he shouldn't be in a home with small children as he could unintentionally knock them over.

He does well with other dogs and enjoys playing with them! He should not be in a home with cats. The previous owners strongly expressed that he will go after them.

Medical Information: Curry is neutered, current on vaccinations, heartworm negative, and microchipped.

Hunter is located in: Danville.

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