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DAISY: 5 year old purebred female black Lab spayed 87 lbs (needs to lose ~10 lbs)

Background: Daisy’s owner sadly passed away so she has been living with family members for many months. They currently have dogs, cats and other animals on their ranch with a small home so they asked Lab Rescue to find a loving home for her. Her current family describes her as sweet, eager and needy for attention. She wants to be loved and wants to be by your side.

From Daisy’s Rescue Rep:I met Daisy and she is a sweet loving girl. She was crated by her original owner but not in her current living situation. She was previously an indoor dog but in her current home she and the other large dog are pretty much outdoor dogs, day and night. The few times that she has come into the house there have been no accidents so she appears to be housebroken. Daisy rides well in the car and likes to swim. Like most Labs, she loves her treats and she does has a soft mouth. Besides the adults in the home she is living with a 9 and 11 year old and is fine with them. Ducks, chickens and goats also live on the property and she will bark at the goats, though not aggressively, when they get close to her food. She will also chase the ducks into the pond, though again not aggressively. She has no resource guarding. There are no signs of any aggression. Commands need some work, though she will sometimes respond to sit and come. Daisy is used to being around the other two dogs in the home as well as neighbors that come over frequently with their dogs. She likes being chased as well as chasing other dogs. Daisy will bark at strangers and when she’s excited. She also may bark or whine when she’s left alone as she really wants to be with her person. The little time that she has spent indoors she has not been destructive but she did chew two chair cushions when she was left alone outdoor.

When Daisy was younger she was hit by a car but there are no lasting affects from the accident. However, when you are crossing the street and cars are near, she will show some nervousness by tucking her tail under. Lab Rescue does not want her living on a busy car populated street.

Her new adopters will need to put her on a slow but steady exercise regimen to start getting the extra weight off of her and she will need some basic training.

Medical: Daisy is current on vaccs, Heartworm negative and chipped.

Daisy is currently located in: Byron.

If you are interested in adopting Daisy, please email Sandy at 2crazy4dogs@gmail.com and tell me why your home would be a good fit for Daisy. Please leave your callback number. Please note our service area: GGLRR serves the greater SF Bay Area.

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