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Dexter: 2-year-old male black Lab-wanna-be 70 lbs Neutered

Background: Originally a stray from a local shelter, after joining our program in March 2020, Dexter has bounced around between several fosters and adopters as we have not found the resolute forever home for him. We really need his next adopter to be “The One”.

What Dexter’s current foster says: Dexter is a complete sweetheart wrapped in a bundle of pure energy. He is well behaved in the house, sleeps well through the night and a really nice young boy who wants to be a part of the family activities around the house or out for a hike. He is responsive to basic commands and is good on leash when he is not distracted, but is easily derailed on walks or in the yard if there is another animal in sight. If you have a squirrel or a small animal issue in your yard, Dexter is your dog. He loves to chase squirrels and stand watch for critters. He is not a digger however, so not to worry. He can definitely learn, wants to please and will do very well with good leadership and training to reinforce good manners around others. He has high prey drive and a competitive edge, so if you have a cat, another dog, or kids, Dexter is not for you. Crate-trained and tie-down trained. Loves squeaky toys. Am working on his counter-surfing tendencies. Easily clears three-foot-high baby gates in a single bound.

What Dexter’s Rescue Rep says: We initially thought he be might be mostly Lab, but he is proving to be a total “hound”: tall, lean, and lanky; whip-like tail that will knock stuff off your coffee table; total focus on squirrels or cats or other dogs when they are in sight. Needs a home of adult humans without kids and any other animal. Not for the faint-hearted. At Dexter’s previous adopted home he began guarding his space (bed, proximity to primary human) against the 9-year-old child and the mom, so we brought him back into our program. We initially thought he was 3 years old, but he is likely younger than 2… maybe even closer to 1 – judging by his juvenile behavior and goofiness. Needs lots of room to run and romp. Not an apartment-dwelling kind of dog. Probably not a city dog.

Medical: In superb health. Current on vaccinations, heartworm negative, microchipped, and neutered.

Dexter is located in: San Jose.

If you are interested in adopting Dexter the Dynamo, please contact Rescue Rep Dave at 415-686-4248 or

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Our volunteers donate their personal time & phones so please only call during reasonable hours (8am - 8pm). The Rescue Rep identified in the dog posting is the only person with information about the dog - please only contact the designated volunteer. We do call everyone back within 2-3 days so please be patient. We work very hard to make the right matches for the dogs and for the new owners. We get 3-5 dogs per week; we do not have a facility where the dogs are housed, they are in foster homes throughout the Bay Area.