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DEXTER – 6 Year Old - male black/ lab mix 80-lbs neutered

Background: Dexter was adopted as a puppy and the current owner has had him his entire life. The owner is having some health issues and realizes it is not fair to Dexter as he can’t provide what he needs.

What Dexter’s owner says: Dexter has been a great dog and I am sad that I need to find him a new home, but it is best for Dexter as I am not able to walk Dexter any longer. He loves all people and is a very friendly dog. He has good energy and needs to get walked 1-2 times per day. He gets along with other dogs, but he can bark at other dogs on leash. (I am not able to walk him in a regular basis and I think he is starting to protect me a bit on leash.) He is house broken, stays inside with me during the day and at night; eh is left alone around 2-3 hours per day. He knows sit, stay, come, drop, leave it, wait and he loves to play fetch. We play around 2-3 times per week and he is very gentle with the ball. He LOVES to go for car rides, likes to swim and I take him out to play with other dogs 1-2 times per week. He is submissive to other dogs, likes being chased by them and likes to chase the other dogs. Dexter is a great dog and just needs more consistent exercise and someone that can handle a large dog. He will jump up on people at times and he will cry for a little bit when I leave the house but then settles down. He has not had any health issues and I have taken him to the vet on a regular basis.

What Dexter’s Rescue Rep says: Dexter is a very nice dog and would make someone a great companion. We would love to find a home for Dexter that can get him regular exercise and a home that can work with him on better leash skills. (You walk Dexter and Dexter does not walk you.) Dexter has not been in a home with kids; we would recommend only older kids. He can be in a home with another dog; we would recommend a home with a female dog. He is neutral towards cats at the current owners complex; so a home with cats would be fine if the cats have been around dogs. Dexter likes horses.

Medical: Dexter is a very healthy dog; he could lose a few pounds. He has all his shots, on regular flea and tick medication, he is neutered and has not had any health issues.

Dexter is currently located in: San Rafael

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