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DOLLY: 6-Year-Old Yellow Female Labrador (Not Spayed), 55 Pounds

Background: Dolly was surrendered to us by a couple whose increasingly demanding work schedules were leaving Dolly alone for 8-10 hour/days. They felt guilty knowing that Dolly needed a lot more attention than they could provide. They were trying to spend as much time with her on the weekends, but when work travel started interfering with that, they knew they had to find Dolly a home where she would be a part of the family again. This is what Dolly's parents have to say about her: Dolly is loving, likes to go on walks, and talks to you for attention. She loves to play fetch and loves to ride in the car. Dolly doesn't always come when called, will rush doors and try to squeeze out so you need to keep an eye on her when exiting doors. She is very alert on walks and requires a lot of vigorous exercise. She settles well in the house and will sit on the sofa if she can.

What the Foster Says:Dolly is a super sweet, very active girl. She loves to go on walks but she pulls constantly. We have tried an Easy Walk harness, a Gentle Leader, a martingale, and she pulls with all of them. However, she is very eager to please and we believe if taken to a good training course this will resolve.

Dolly is very affectionate; she will come up to you for pets and give you kisses. She does the typical thing of sticking her nose under your hand so you can give her a pet. She likes to lean against you. She loves to play, her favorite toy here (aside from a ball) has been a multi-legged Wubba. Sometimes Dolly will start to bark at you. We think she's asking for attention so we turn our backs or walk away, and she stops. It's not aggressive at all, but can be disconcerting the first time it happens. Sometimes she is just talking to you which can be pretty funny. Dolly has a ton of energy! She could easily walk 3 to 5 miles/day. Because she needs leash work we've been throwing the ball for her 3 to 4 times a day to wear her out, and it works. She'll lay in her bed and relax for a while afterward. If she seems really frenetic when you start to play ball with her, it means she has to go to the bathroom, and she will stop and pee or poop; she is more relaxed, although she still wants to play ball. She can play ball forever. She also likes to play keep away, as in she'll bring you back a toy and then run away. One other thing to know...Dolly likes to bolt out of doors or gates, so vigilance is required when opening doors!

I think she will be an awesome and wonderful dog for someone who can handle her physically, teach her to walk well on a leash as well as whatever basic obedience she needs.

What Lab Rescue Says: Dolly is a friendly, active young adult. She is smaller in stature, more like a pocket-sized Lab, with the energy of a rocket. Once you're settled, she will settle down with you. Initially, upon meeting her parents, Dolly was very excited and barky, but after we all sat down and didn't focus so much on her, she relaxed a bit, but not until making a few attempts of talking to us, in an effort to get us outside to play fetch with her. We walked around the neighborhood, didn't encounter any other dogs so we don't know how she is around them. Her family reports barks when she sees some dogs. Dolly did catch a glimpse of a squirrel and was on high alert. We had her on a front clip harness, as well as a second leash so she was easier to handle. We are also going to try a gentle leader next. Dolly will benefit from some basic obedience training and a lot of exercise. A tired Dolly is a good Dolly!!!

We would like to see Dolly in a home where she won't be left alone for long stretches of the day. A home where she will receive a lot of exercise and one committed to training. Dolly is not a couch potato type of dog, although she can certainly relax AFTER she's gotten some playtime and exercise. Dolly is crate and housetrained. She will chase cats so she should not go to a home with them.

Medical Information: Dolly is up to date on her vaccinations, is heartworm negative, and microchipped. She will need to be spayed and Lab Rescue will coordinate that with the foster and,or adopter.

Dolly is located in: Piedmont

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