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Video: Duke bopping around with his roomie dog at the shelter

Video: Duke and squeaky red ball

Duke: 18-month-old male black Lab mix 55 pounds neutered

Background: Found as a stray with another (non-Lab) dog in the central valley, no owner came forward to claim this guy despite him having a microchip. We found him to be a delightful pup at the shelter, eager to get the heck out of there -- and we obliged. According to his microchip, he was named “Bear” but he really did not recognize his name and the name “Bear” sure didn’t fit him – so we have renamed him Sir “Duke”. All hail, his royal dogness, Sir Duke!

What Duke’s foster says: Duke has been with us a few days and is settling in well. He has done well in the house and loves sleeping on his dog bed. He loves to go on walks and walks easily on a leash; would likely make a good hiking companion for someone. He shows no dog aggression as he has met several dogs on leash and done very well with them all. He is a super friendly guy and is starting to learn his basic commands as he now knows how to sit. He is food motivated and which will make it easy to train him. He is easily corrected when told “no”. He is loyal and loves to sleep at your feet when you are nearby. Duke can be a bit mouthy and we are working on correcting that behavior so would recommend kids 8+ older. He's not crazy about going into his crate at night but once in settles in quickly and sleeps through the night; no destruction in the crate. He has done well with our two cats. He wants to engage play with our younger cat Bella and is learning to have nice manners with her. If he goes into a cat home, would recommend managing them as he can play a little rough at times. If a cat runs, he will chase it. He loves to have a ball or something in his mouth and once in, does have a hard time letting go. He picked up a stick on one of our walks and it was a bit challenging to get him to release. We've done a switch for a high-value treat and that helps but he hasn't totally grasped that yet. Overall, Duke is a good dog and with some settling in, training and structure he will grow into being a wonderful companion/family dog.

What Duke’s Rescue Rep says: Not sure what Duke is mixed with but he ain’t all Lab, that we know. He is still learning how to play and how to relinquish high-value items such as toys or bones so his adopters will need to continue his “education”. He appears to be house-broken. This guy will make a fantastic companion dog for someone.

Medical Information: Duke appears to be in good health. He is neutered, microchipped, and current on vaccinations. Will be tested for heartworm soon.

Duke is located in: Fremont.

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