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Video: Mister Duke joins the Lab Rescue program

Video: Duke the puppy chilling in his crate

Video: Duke out for a romp on leash

Duke: 3-month-old male black Lab mix 20-lbs Not yet neutered

Background: A homeless person outside the Target store in Berkeley gave this puppy away to a passing shopper on New Year’s Day. The shopper (a student at UC Berkeley) realized that she was not in a position to keep the darling puppy, and reached out to us to take him.

What Duke’s foster says: Duke is a sweet puppy. He is going to require time and patience for someone to work with and stick it out with him… on potty training and chewing (though so far has not chewed up anything; just teethed on a few things). He will whine in his crate for about 5-10 mins then will fall asleep. A family with dog-experience and one that will be able to invest in the proper training would be best. Not ideal for young children as he is jumping, mouthing, and nipping. He hasn't been around cats or children. He just received his puppy shots so has not had interaction with other dogs other than watching them. Duke is an absolute joy, watching him learn, giving me kisses and loves my scratches behind his ears and rubbing his belly. Doesn’t do much marking on walks yet, will sometimes just sit while walking -- sometimes because he will hear a noise or watch someone. Seems to enjoy meeting new people - if he sees someone running than he usually wants to chase after them to join their run. Will pay attention when there is an activity in the kitchen but not beg. Sleeps in a crate at night and nicely under my feet while I work. Eats well, responds to treats. Loves to give kisses and playing/chewing on his toys. Doing well learning: Sit, Fetch, Shake, Come and Stay. He will leap at and try to grab any sort of dangling fabric - folding laundry or lifting a coat, etc.

He is so smart and a quick study. He does nip on your feet/hands sometimes when he is in his playful mood.

What Duke’s Rescue Rep says: Not sure what Duke is mixed with; might just not have that much Lab at all. His adopters will need to be around a lot as he is a needy puppy at this point. No idea how big Duke is going to get. His adopters should be prepared for a very active and engaging dog.

Medical: Duke just visited our vet for his first round of vaccinations. Next round is due in early February. Not yet chipped or neutered.

Duke is located in: San Rafael.

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