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Video: Eve (on the right) playing tug with Bosun

Video: Eve at Modesto shelter on 23 Dec 2020

Video: Eve walks by other dogs at shelter on 23 Dec 2020

Video: Eve at the Albany bulb

Eve romping at the Albany bulb

Eve: 8-year-old female black Lab 73-lb Spayed

Background: She was surrendered to an animal control officer in the field in Stanislaus County in mid-December and brought to the local shelter. After some microchip registration confusion, the shelter allowed us to pull her the day before Christmas Eve – so we thought “Eve” was an appropriate name to give her.

What Eve’s foster says: We are calling her "Evie Bear" because she is a very soft cuddly teddy bear of a dog. She has settled in to our home with ease, and is responding quickly to a little TLC. She is getting along very well with our 5-year-old black Lab and our cat. She is house-trained, sleeps quietly next to our bed through the night and is content during the day to be around her people whatever we are up to. She loves pets, and as her energy level is improving and her foot is feeling better, she is enjoying a short walk twice a day around the neighborhood. Happy to go out in the yard, she is increasingly interested in playing with a ball, furry squeak toys and playing tug with our dog. A little friendly growling with him over toys, she is easily corrected. She walks well on leash, knows commands for sit and shake. Pretty happy go lucky when meeting other dogs in the neighborhood. Eve would do well in a home with kids, cats or other dogs. A real sweetheart!

What Eve’s Rescue Rep says: What a “rescue” indeed! Eve’s future is bright given we are addressing her medical issues as best as we can. She has a delightful disposition. Would be fine in a home with older kids. Not sure how active a dog she will be over time. Fine with other dogs and cats.

Medical: Current on vaccinations, heartworm negative, microchipped, and spayed. She was quite a medical mess when she came to us. Took four medicated shampoo baths to get her clean and reduce the terrible smell she came with. She is now on a medication (thyroxin) to address a thyroid issue – likely a lifelong med. Hopefully her fur will start growing back on her tail and back side. Our vet is endeavoring to determine the cause of the nasty growth on her front left foot; have found some bacteria there so we’ve got her on an antibiotic regimen. Vet ruled out cancer – Phew! Might be a viral papilloma. Despite the growth and the swollen leg, she is quite ambulatory on that leg.

Eve is located in: El Cerrito.

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