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Gator: 6-Year-Old Yellow Male Labrador 110-lbs Neutered

Gator is coming into Lab Rescue as he's become too strong for his elderly parents to handle. He has pulled his dad down on a few occasions with the most recent resulting in a head injury. It is clear his family loves Gator very much and surrendering him has been a very difficult decision to have to make.

Gator is happy, friendly, and playful. He was acquired from a breeder at the age of 3, after being used solely for breeding. He's great with people but does not like other dogs. He walks well on a leash, pulls a little, but not terribly; he's more interested in sniffing around. When he sees another dog, he continues along his way and minds his own business from a distance. If he gets too close to another dog, or the dog comes towards him, he will pull towards him/her, even rising on his hind legs (and it's not because he wants to play).

Lab Rescue would like to see Gator with a large-dog experienced family without any other dogs. The family will have to be proactive on walks with Gator, not expecting him to be a dog-park type of dog. He prefers humans and might do well with a cat, as his former owner reports cats didn't seem to phase him. Because of his size and exuberance, he may potentially knock over small children so a home with older children would be better suited. A family will need to be committed to getting him out for daily walks, playing in the yard, helping him shed the unwanted pounds, and maintaining his new healthy weight.

Gator needs to lose a good amount of weight. He will be seeing a vet for a general exam, including a heartworm test, and we will know then how much weight loss is recommended. Otherwise, he is reported to be in good health and has visited the vet for routine exams and vaccines while under his family's care. He appears to have an ear infection and has a skin tag on his right rear leg that the family vet hasn't been concerned about; we will have both checked at his vet visit as well.

Gator is neutered, UTD on core vaccines, and will be heartworm tested.

Gator is located in San Jose.

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