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Gizmo: ~10-month-old male black Lab mix 53 pounds neutered

Background: Found as a stray in Sonoma County, no one came to claim this fabulous youngster. After convincing the authorities of his innocence, he was released on his own recognizance… and joined the rebellion at Lab Rescue. We’ve named him “Gizmo” to protect his true identity.

What Gizmo’s Foster says: Gizmo loves his people and is happy laying right next to them, getting lots of petting and love. He does not like being separated from his foster mom and when that happens he needs to be hugged.. well, he kind of hugs me. Seems to be housebroken as we haven’t had any accidents in the house. He knows how to sit and he is learning to walk on leash without pulling. He jumps up once in a while (well, maybe more than once in a while) and we are working on that too... all normal things for a puppy. Gets along well with our dogs and we are working on him sharing toys. He is the sweetest boy and is content being in the house chilling with his foster family. He doesn’t bark or whine. Doesn’t mind being in the crate and doesn’t bark or whine when in it. He would be a great addition to complete someone’s family, that’s for sure.

What Gizmo’s Rescue Rep says: Our guess is that Gizmo is half-Lab/half-Great Dane. Just a guess. But the third half is total goofball -- we are certain of that. This guy might grow up to be a big dog—or maybe not. We are not certain of his age, but his behavior is very puppy-like. Gizmo would be a great family dog with kids. Another older dog in the family would be fine too. Crate-trained! If you can handle a young energetic dog, then Gizmo might be for you.

Medical Information: Neutered, current on vaccinations, heartworm negative, and microchipped.

Gizmo is located in: Sebastopol.

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