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Video: Gonzo loves the squeaky toy

Video: Leash-walking with the Gonzo

Gonzo: 10-year-old male chocolate Lab 88 pounds neutered

Background: Gonzo was surrendered to us by a local family that had multiple dogs. One of their other dogs, a young Sharpei, was constantly bullying and attacking Gonzo. The family felt it best that Gonzo go to a new home free from such terror. We are thrilled at the opportunity to find Gonzo a new forever home.

What Gonzo’s former owner says: Gonzo is a sweet and loving dog. He’s content just hanging out in the house but will play ball and go on short walks. He is house-broken, but not crate-trained. We used to take Gonzo to the dog park, but it’s been a few years. Gonzo likes to ride in the car, likes to swim and loves to fetch. He does pull on leash when being walked. He lived with a cat several years ago and was afraid of it. I want Gonzo to have a home where he feels safe and isn’t bullied by another dog.

What Gonzo’s Rescue Rep says: What a big hunk of chocolate delight! Gonzo would be great in a family with children and other dogs (that are nice to Gonzo) or retired folks that just want a happy and easy-going dog to hang out with.

Medical Information: Gonzo is current on Rabies and distemper vax, heartworm negative, and neutered. Not yet microchipped. Our vet determined that Gonzo has mild to moderate kidney disease -- looks like an immune/inflammatory issue – so we are shifting him to a low protein diet. He also has a urinary tract infection that we are addressing. Also wrapping up care from an ear infection. Gonzo’s hind muscles appear to be a little weak so we are providing him with some steady exercise walks to build up some muscle and take off a few pounds.

Gonzo is located in: Hillsborough.

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