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Gracie: ~3-year-old female chocolate Lab 74 pounds not yet spayed

Background: Found in their front yard by good Samaritans, this wonderful young dog appeared to have just been hit by a car given the traumatic injury to her front left leg. Not only that, she was still lactating from recently having puppies. But no puppies were with her. Did someone lose her? Who loses a momma dog that just had puppies? Did someone dump her after she had her litter of puppies? What the heck! The good Sam took her to the local shelter/ The shelter felt her leg might need to be a amputated due to the severity of the injury. The shelter contacted Lab Rescue and we immediately took temporary custody of her (while she was still on stray hold) and took her to our vet for examination and treatment. Our vet commenced the full-court-press treatment to save the leg.

What Gracie’s Foster says: Gracie is a social butterfly; eager to please and a very quick study. She is full of puppy-like energy that will need a lot of exercise once she has healed. We are currently working on “sit” and “wait” and she will do both most of the time, with or without treats. Gracie will try to jump to meet you and bark when you leave but seems to settle down on both occasions. Not wanting to be left out of anything and she will move pens and jump over them to be out with our dog and cat. She is motivated by food, which will include counter-surfing but with quick corrections (if we are home) will find something else to focus on. Gracie does not appear to have any food aggression but does seem protective of cheese biscuits [aren’t we all]. She seems to be house broken and is comfortable with dogs and caged birds; she does leave the cat alone most of the time. She is great with crowds and children. She has a favorite spot to lay where she can see most of what is going on when we are home. Gracie would love to sit on the couch or our bed, but she has learned to curl up with our Lab on their beds and relax. Gracie needs full obedience training including how to walk properly on a leash but will make a great house dog.

What Gracie’s Rescue Rep says: This princess will grace any home with her wonderful personality. We suspect she will be an active dog with lots of energy once she is fully recovered. Her royal highness deserves a home where she is the center of attention and gets plenty of exercise and socialization with other dogs.

Medical Information: Gracie’s leg appears to be healing rapidly, but we are not out of the woods yet. It will be many weeks before she will have full use of that left front leg without any bandage. She is currently having her bandage changed every other day. Current on vaccinations, heartworm negative and microchipped. She still needs to be spayed.

Gracie is located in: Livermore.

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