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Gracie: 9-month-old female black Lab mix 50 pounds not yet spayed

Background: Gracie’s family obtained her off a Craigs List ad two months ago, and she is too barky and anxious towards strangers and folks that visit their home. They have four active kids with lots of other kids coming and going to their home – too much for Gracie to handle. They are also concerned that she might not get along with other dogs as she is barky towards other dogs when being walked on leash.

What Gracie’s owner says: Our home has 6 people (4 teenagers), and Gracie is territorial and protective. She will bark and follow any friend or visitor we allow into our home. We need to be able to freely have new kids and people coming and going without worrying. She barks at any passerby she sees walking on the sidewalk in front of our house. She will jump against the door and try to get out of the house if she sees our kids and friends running around in the yard. We can no longer let our rabbit hop around freely in our kitchen because she would chase the bunny, more for the game of it, rather than to hurt him. She is sweet and pretty mellow for her age when she is in our house with just our family. She is very smart and a quick learner. However, she is skittish and fearful and displays assertive behavior (can be perceived as aggressive) to new people or dogs- she will bark from a distance (may back away and wag or sniff while barking). She prefers that unfamiliar people to stay in one place, even after she has become calm after 5-10 min. However, once the person starts moving about the house, she gets agitated again. Unfamiliar people, sounds, and environments stress her and she is reactive. While on a walk, she is very focused on all moving things; treats won't even distract her at times. Gracie is house-broken and crate-trained; she sleep sin her crate at night. Knows sit/stay before eating and when crossing through a doorway. Improving on her heeling every day that passes. Gracie loves to play in our backyard; we throw the ball or stick, we teach new tricks, she somersaults, then gets a belly rub. She is comfortable and content with my children. She is always happy to see them in the morning, or when they come home from school.

What Gracie’s Rescue Rep says: Barky when initially meeting a stranger, but very inquisitive. Sought affection/attention from me after about ten minutes. A little mouthy when excited. Playful; enjoys toys/balls. Soft mouth when taking treats. No guarding of food or toys. A bit all-over-the-place when walking on leash. Crate-trained; sleeps in crate at night. Whines and barks for a little while when left alone during the day. Under socialized with other dogs; took her to a nearby dog park where she did pretty darn good considering – will take more concerted work and supervision. Would be great for a home with an older easy-going dog… in a quiet household.

Medical Information: Gracie is in great health. She is current on Rabies and distemper vax, and heartworm negative. She will soon be spayed and microchipped.

Gracie is located in: Benicia.

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