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Video: Running with Ms. Harley

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HARLEY 10 month purebred female yellow Lab 85 lbs spayed

Background: Harley’s owner adopted her seven months ago. Due to medical reasons the owner can no longer keep her so a dog trainer suggested he reach out to GGLRR to find a new home. The owner describes Harley as loving, energetic and a bit shy when she first meets people but warms up in a short time.

What Harley's foster has to say: Harley is an active sweet large puppy with limited training who wants to please. She is very trainable. She is a very active dog and needs a considerable amount of exercise on a daily basis. She loves going on walks and meeting new dogs in the field where I take my nine-year-old lab. Harley does well walking with a training collar. She has also learned to fetch which she enjoys a lot. 

Harley loves being with her person and attaches to her person easily. When my dog comes near me she gets a bit jealous and seeks out attention and tries to push her way in and be close to me. 

Harley is house trained and we are crate training her. Once in the crate, if she can see people she will bark and wants to get out. At night time, she may fuss for five minutes and then she sleeps through the night. She approaches unfamiliar humans cautiously but then warms up to them. She has no history of aggression. She is uncertain about unfamiliar sounds. Harley will chew non-dog items if she is bored or does not have a dog toy. She does well when re-directed.

What Harley’s Rescue Rep says: Harley is AKC registered but the owner does not have papers. When I first met Harley, I went inside and sat down and she timidly approached. I started petting her and within a minute she became my best friend wanting more pets and love. She is a leaner dog. She is very mouthy with hands and arms like a young puppy who has not learned that this is unacceptable behavior. 

On the plus side, she enjoys swimming, riding in the car, meeting new dogs in an open field, is learning “drop”, knows sit and down. 

Harley is quite strong so due to her mouthiness and puppy energy, any kids in the home should be 12 and up. As Harley has prey drive, no cats in the home please. At this time, Harley would do better as an only dog. 

Lab Rescue wants an adopter who has the time and patience to train an older Lab puppy. Once she gets the needed training under her belt, within 6 months-1 year, she will make a great family dog. 

Medical: Harley is spayed, up to date on vax, Heartworm negative and chipped.

Harley is located in: Mountain View.

If you are interested in fostering Harley, please contact Rescue Rep Sandy at 2crazy4dogs@gmail.com and tell me why your home would be a good fit for Harley. Please leave your callback number.

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