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Harry – 2-4 year-old male black Lab mix 64 pounds, neutered

Harry (also known as Shadow) was returned to GGLRR as his adopters decided they need a more laid back Lab for their busy lifestyle.

Background: Found in a pad-locked vacant chain-link fenced lot in Oakland… with no food or water, local authorities sprung this guy from his predicament and took him to the local shelter where no one claimed him. Initially very apprehensive and anxious at the shelter, he quickly warmed up to people.

What Harry’s original Foster says: Within two days, Harry totally settled into his new surroundings. He is one quick learner! In the house, he has learned to stay off the furniture, stay out of the kitchen when we're cooking, to sit and wait for his food, to keep out of certain rooms, and knows exactly where to find the dog toys. Fully housetrained, not a single mess inside. After a couple nights of 5 minutes of whining, he now sleeps great without a single complaint in his crate. Every morning, he greets us with loving kisses, then runs to the front door to go outside and do his business. This lovable guy hasn't chewed or damaged anything that wasn't a dog toy to play with, he is great at retrieving, he has learned to drop or release toys without stress; the guy loves belly rubs and to be close to people, and is great with our own 3-yr-old lab competing for the ball or playing tug-of-war with ropes. When walking, he has typical lab excess curiosity, but he's rapidly improving and walks great with only a little pulling, though would always stop to smell and leave a wet message if given the opportunity. When meeting other dogs (big and small) that are not on leash, he politely says hello, and then we easily continue on our way. He knows to sit, stay, release toys, and is doing great with recall. During our walks, he's been around mountain bikes, large groups of passers-by, joggers, and passing cars/trucks without getting disturbed at all. For a ~4 year old, this guy has a boatload of energy, and thrives on working/training for a treat or positive attention. A great companion for someone who loves the outdoors and playing with their dog.

What Harry’s Rescue Rep says: We think Harry is a Lab mixed with a herding breed (perhaps border collie, McNab or Australian cattle dog). Assertive and full of energy, he will need lots of exercise, mental stimulation, and leadership. Great candidate for obedience training. He is not a dog park dog (he will go after other young male dogs), but he has done well playing with and living in a home with a social female dog. We would love to see Harry in a home that has experience with young energetic male Labs and/or herding breeds. Harry needs an experienced owner that will provide strong leadership so Harry doesn’t feel like he needs to take charge. Harry is a young dog that will test limits but who also responds very well to a human who provides leadership, guidance, and structure.

Harry does great with people he knows but can be wary with strangers. We think Harry would do best in a quieter home that doesn’t have a lot of visitors coming and going. Not a good dog for a home with young children running around and/or sudden movements that can trigger herding instincts. Harry has been doing well working with our trainer and he will be an awesome dog for an active, calm assertive person who is willing to continue his training and/or manage interactions when guests come to visit. Harry is very smart and can be a truly terrific and fun dog who will be a loyal companion and deeply bond with the right owner who can provide the leadership, exercise, and mental stimulation he needs.

What our trainer says: Harry’s ideal home is with a dog savvy person that likes strong temperament energetic type pets, who would appreciate his barking at strangers who approach the home, and who is willing to put in the training or set up management for when they have guests. Harry would be happy having a yard to patrol and come in and spend time with his person when they are home. I think he would enjoy that more than trying to turn him into a city pet having to defend himself from strangers forcing their attention on him. He is not your typical outgoing Labrador who immediately loves everyone.

Medical Information: Harry is in great health and is current on Rabies and distemper vaccination, heartworm negative and microchipped. Harry has had a wellness check and was neutered by our vet. The shelter initially estimated his age as 4 or 5, we think he is younger based on his energy, demeanor, and pearly white teeth.

Harry is located in: Menlo Park.

If you are interested in Harry, contact Rescue Rep Katy at 650-796-3596 (call/text) or katy4gglrr@gmail.com

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