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Hope: ~7-year-old female yellow Lab mix ~75 lbs spayed

Updated Bio:

Background: Hope came to us from the local shelter in pretty bad physical condition; it was clear she had been neglected (at best!) and has had puppies, maybe more than one litter. She’s learning to be a great companion dog and she is looking for a home to make up for the years of neglect!

What Hope’s foster says: It appears that Hope did not have much human interaction. But you only survive as a stray by being smart. Hope is a smart cookie. She knows to knock on the back patio door to come in. She comes up to me daily and gives me soft nudges with her nose to be petted even though just a month ago she would cower when people put their hands on her head. If you are busy, she gets the hint quickly and will go lay down. But you just have to call her name and tell her to come, and she will be right back by you.

In a matter of 4 weeks in my home, she knows how to sit, down, stay (for short periods), and come. She only comes in and out of the house when told. But if you have a doggie door, she is happy to come and go as she chooses. She sleeps quietly in her bed and will even let me sleep in. She definitely likes being with people.

When we go for walks, she gets anxious especially when she sees other dogs. (This may be from her time as a stray or a backyard protector.) We are working to overcome these anxieties.

What Hope’s Rescue Rep says: Hope is one sweet girl! She likes hanging around with her human, and she’s easy to be around. She’s house trained, ok on her own for a little while, and learns quickly. She’s not perfect; she can counter surf with the best of them if you leave yummies on the table!

Hope hasn’t experienced much outside of a back yard in her life, so we’ve been taking her to doggie day care for socialization. She does well there but can be reactive towards dogs when on leash in other places. The reality is she’s just not fond of other dogs, especially on leash. The good news is that there are other ways besides walking to get Hope exercise at home: play, fetch, swimming, running around the yard. It’s an opportunity to get creative!

The ideal home for Hope would be one where a human is around much of the day to hang out with her, continue her basic obedience training, and show her how wonderful life as an inside dog with a human family can be. It’s all new to her, and she’s learning quickly. She’s a decent sized girl, so her new owner needs to be able to handle a strong dog and be a confident leader for her. Someone who has experience with rescue dogs would be really helpful in transitioning Hope to the wonderful inside family dog that she can be. Hope needs to go to a home without another dog or other pets (like cats). She’d be a wonderful companion for someone who works from home, or is retired; one of the things she does best is hang out!

Medical information: Hope is spayed, micro chipped, heartworm free and up to date on her vaccinations. She had some lumps removed and biopsied and they are not malignant. She does have an allergy to fleas, so ongoing flea prevention is a must.

Hope is located in: San Jose

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