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Howard: ~8-year-old male black Lab 68 lbs neutered

Background: Lab Recue received a call from the San Jose Animal shelter about this wonderful boy who had been found in a local park, so hungry that he was eating wood! When we met him we knew immediately that this great boy deserved a great new home.

What Howard’s foster says: Howard is a great dog with a BIG personality -- He’s affectionate, loves to be around people, and especially gentle with children and toddlers. He’s very comfortable at our house and gets along with our three dogs.

Howard’s is really chill at home – likes to lay around and stay close to us. Having said that, he is very energetic and gets excited when he knows we’re getting ready to go out for a walk. He likes meeting other dogs in the park and tries to play with them. We’ve kept him on a long leash so far because he’s still getting used to recognizing his new name.

Howard gets very excited at mealtime, but he does not take food from other dogs. He’s still a bit underweight, so we’ve been giving him extra food. He is house trained, can easily climb stairs, jump onto the sofa or get into the car. Howard loves to ride in the car especially when he puts his head out the window to feel the wind!

What Howard’s Rescue Rep says: From the moment I met him, I was totally sold on Howard. He’s sweet, cuddly, LOVES to chase the ball and will continue for as long as your arm holds out! He’s got some muscle atrophy, likely from being on his own for a while, but his energy level is great and he’ll regain his fitness quickly. His appetite is great (he’s a Lab!). He passed his handling and dog to dog tests with flying colors. He gets along great with other dogs and enjoys hanging hang out with his foster siblings (he’s the youngster in the group!) as well as his humans. This is one great dog! We don’t know how Howard would be with cats. Howard is one great dog!

Medical information: We took Howard in to see our vet, and he seems to be few ill effects from his time on the streets. Like most Labs his age, Howie does have some dysplasia and arthritis in his backend but this doesn’t stop him! We are starting him on some joint supplements (typical for a Lab his age), and will be giving him some soothing baths for his skin.

Howard is neutered, up to date on his vaccines, heartworm free and on preventive.

Howard is located in: San Francisco

If you are interested in this wonderful boy, please contact Rescue Rep Debbi at (preferred) or 408-309-7830. Please note our service area: GGLRR serves the greater SF Bay Area.

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