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Huff the puddle dog

Huff at the dog park

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Huff swims

Huff: 7 yr old male black Lab - 97 lbs – neutered

What Huff’s owner says:Huff has been with us all his life. Unfortunately, we need to find Huff a new home. With two full-time jobs and young children, he is not getting the time and attention that he needs and deserves. We moved from a home with property to a home with a small backyard that is not enough room for him to run and play fetch.

What Huff’s foster says: What a great dog! Huff gets along fine with our own 100-lb Lab. Enjoys chasing after a ball, but does not readily bring it back – almost like he is playing keep-away. On his first day with us, he paced all around the house and continually panted… refusing to calm down and relax… and then Huff figured out this was a safe and okay place… and he zzzz’d like a baby. He does not always accept putting a leash on, so we take it slow and easy. Sits nicely for treats, but his mouth isn’t so soft -- watch your fingers. No accidents in the house so far. Very enjoyable out walking on leash but he is sort of all over the place at times. Loves to meet other dogs we encounter. Seems to like lying and sleeping on the wood floor instead of a nearby dog bed. He was quite a bit shy and standoffish at first but, after one day, he is now so much more comfortable approaching us and seeking affection. His adopters will have to take it slow and steady with this big boy – but the reward will be great.

What Huff’s Rescue Rep says: Huff is one happy and gregarious lab that loves to play and run. When we met Huff, he was in the backyard where he spends his days along with his mother. He was very excited to be getting attention; he took some treats very nicely. Huff is very active in the small backyard, bringing his toys to you hoping you will play with him. Huff lives with children four and eight years old; he does well with them. Sometimes his “zoomies” are a little too much for the youngest child. So he will need a home with children that are dog savvy. He would love to come into your home and be part of the family. Huff has been housetrained; he would go to the door to let you know he had to go out. We are not sure how he will do with cats. Owners say that he does like to go in the car, now he rides in the back of the truck. Huff knows Sit, Stay, Fetch, and Drop. Loves the water! Huff does not get out of the yard too much to walk on a leash, so when we took him out, he was a little rusty. With the slightest correction, he would fall into place nicely. Huff does have good recall, even with all the excitement and attention he did not try to escape or run off when he was off leash. His recall, of course, should not be trusted until you are sure his recall is 100% with you. Huff is a big strong boy; he is 10-15 lbs overweight. He is a very smart lab that needs someone that knows Labs, and that will keep him active, burn off that energy that he has now. Establish leadership and guidance and reinforce his training, and welcome him into their home.

Medical information: Huff is neutered, up to date on his shots and chipped; awaiting results of heartworm test. He is a healthy boy, a little overweight, less food, and more activity will trim him down nicely.

Huff is located in: Berkeley.

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