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Video: Hunter loves his squeaky toys

Video: Hunter playing fetch with another dog

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Video: Hunter post hike cooldown

Video: Hunter playing

Hunter: 7-year-old male black Lab ~90 pounds neutered

Background: Hunter’s owner recently died and his family contacted us find him new forever home. Hunter’s family reports that he is great with other dogs and loves to fetch. They did allow him to sit and sleep on furniture… and advised that he did counter-surf on occasion. Our initial evaluation found Hunter to be a wonderful good-natured dog.

What Hunter’s foster says: If you told me he was 1-year-old, I would believe it. He has that playful puppy energy and general happiness around every dog and person we meet. So far, hasn't barked once, even when my dog has. Great on walks, likes to explore everything, but easily refocused on the walk with a word and slight tug. Loves water from the hose, and stood like a champ for a bath. No accidents inside. He's got a hell of a jaw and is a stuffed toy destroyer, especially if it has a squeaker, but he knows what dog toys are vs. shoes or other things. Slept great from the very first night in his dog bed next to our bed. Didn't get up and wander around at all -- 11pm-7am in one spot. Resting quietly and very calmly on dog bed after morning routine. After two nights, 6 walks, a couple surprise visitors, several on-leash dog encounters, and various other interactions, I have absolutely zero hesitation about Hunter being a nearly perfect dog for the website/adoption immediately. He's doing great even with reduced food, no food aggression or greediness (I feed him right next to mine now). Doing his business outside in his selected spot in the yard, no concerns on that front. He was comfortable resting in one spot when I went upstairs for 30 minutes to work (no separation anxiety), and has perfect manners in a car. Loves playing fetch and tug with humans or my dog Foster. We have several dog beds around and he knows his spot. When he greets people he does not jump up to greet them he has great manners when meeting new people. He would be fine with kids of any age; he is just a lover of a dog! 100% housetrained. He loves every dog and person he meets!

What Hunter’s Rescue Rep says: A whole lotta dog here… and a wonderful personality. May not be ideal for homes with young children due to his bounciness and strong jaws with toys. No idea how he is with cats.

Medical Information: Hunter appears to be in fine health. Neutered and current on vaccinations. We intend to get him to our vet in the near future for a full check-up and heartworm test.

Hunter is located in: Mill Valley.

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